Answer calls from the TV: the latest development from Google TV is already reaching some users

answer calls from the tv the latest development from google.webp.webp.webp
answer calls from the tv the latest development from google.webp.webp.webp
You won’t be able to avoid answering a call even if you’re watching TV. Google TV is now activating the call notifications. With them we will not only find out that a compatible application is calling us, but we will also be able to answer the call.

The latest Google TV updates add a new section in its settings to activate call notifications, which For now they are compatible with Google Meetalthough it is to be hoped that alternatives such as Zoom will soon join the list.

They call you on TV

It will be more difficult than ever for you to miss an important call if you activate Google TV on your TV or Chromecast new call notifications. The feature is now rolling out to users, although it’s unclear whether it comes as a server-side activation or an update to Google Meet, which is currently the only app marked as supported.

If we have it active, we will find a new section within Account in the system settings, called Call notifications. Google explains that these notifications appear only when your user profile is active on TV and not if someone else is using it at that moment.


From these Google TV settings we can see which installed applications are compatible and when a call comes to one of them, by pressing the notification we should be able to accept the call from the TV. This will allow us to answer the call from the TV.

The problem is that They still don’t seem to work properlyso we don’t know exactly what is shown on Google TV when they call us, if it is simply a notice or if we can actually respond directly, presumably using either the TV’s microphone (if it has one) or the mobile ones.

Taking into account that Google mentions in its settings that “when you activate them, you can receive calls from supported applications on your device”, everything indicates that, indeed, we will be able to respond in addition to receiving a notice. That is, if we want, of course.

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