TiviMate brings hundreds of free channels to your Android TV and Chromecast with Google TV. This is how you can install it

tivimate brings hundreds of free channels to your android tv.webp.webp.webp
tivimate brings hundreds of free channels to your android tv.webp.webp.webp

The smart devices we have today break the limits of what we knew until now, even in our living room. Owning a Smart TV, either with Android TV, or through an external device such as the Chromecast with Google TV, opens an infinite window to different ways of watching television.

This is why IPTV applications are gaining a certain popularity, especially thanks to their simplicity and convenience: in just a few moments, we have the possibility of watching free channels from all over the world. One of these is TiviMate, a complete IPTV app that you can join together with these channel lists to have hundreds of options available. We tell you how to install and configure it.

What is TiviMate

The range of IPTV applications on Android TV is wide, although there are only a few that manage to find a place in the internal memory of users’ devices. TiviMate is one more, although it is no less interesting.

You can download it from Google Play Store completely freeand is proposed as an alternative to other similar ones such as TDTChannels, IPTV Smartersor Wiseplay, something further from complete options (with payment methods), see Pluto TV or Tivify.

TiviMate is summarized in a multimedia player that will play the content of IPTV lists, allowing us watch live channels. From Apps ProBox we have shared some of the best free IPTV lists that circulate on the internet, and any of them will be compatible with this application.

How does it work? So you can add channels

With TiviMate correctly downloaded and installed from the Android application store, we will proceed to open it. As soon as we execute it, it will ask us to let’s enter an IPTV list to start working. As a general rule, the most common ones come in M3U format, so we will select ‘M3u List’.


Now, we can add it by copying and pasting the URL (if it is uploaded to a server) or incorporating it from the file itself. We recommend you download it on your mobile and

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With the list loaded, TiviMate will begin to process the channels contained in it. It will take some time, but when it is finished, we will see all the channels in the app guide. You will not have any problem handling yourself, as it has a simple interface and similar to others mentioned above.

First of all, there appears the list with all channels, and if we press the left button, we access a side menu that contains more options. Among these, the search function stands out, very useful if our list is long. We can also take advantage of the favorites option, allowing us to save channels for quick access.


From the TiviMate settings, we noticed that many options are blocked: you have to pay to get the premium features. It may be worth it to play the channel found with the search tool, although it is not strictly necessary.

You will have to go to checkout: the price of 7.99 euros corresponds to the annual plan, and if you want to obtain the full license you must pay 28.99 euros in a single payment. Now, it will be a matter of comparing and choosing the option that best suits us: we don’t lack options.

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