Age of Empires Mobile opens its registration. The funny thing is that there is a prize if many people sign up.

age of empires mobile opens its registration the funny thing.webp.webp.webp
age of empires mobile opens its registration the funny thing.webp.webp.webp

More than a year ago, and with the sign of “coming soon”, Microsoft announced ‘Age of Empires Mobile‘. He did it with a trailer that did not show anything of the game and that only appealed to nostalgia both for the design of the units and, above all, for the chosen music. But hey, it meant the arrival of a mythical strategy saga on PC to mobile phones.

Since then, Microsoft has not shown any more information or material, but we finally have good news: Pre-registration of ‘Age of Empires Mobile’ has just been launched on both iOS and Android and what is striking is that there are different rewards depending on the number of people who sign up.

A benchmark in real-time strategy is approaching mobile phones

In case you don’t know her, Age of Empires‘ is one of the mythical sagas not only of Microsoft, but of video games. Its first installment dates back to 1997, ‘Age of Empires II’ arrived in 1999 and had such a brutal impact that it revolutionized the genre and continues to have updates and expansions to this day.

With Microsoft’s current strategy, in which they are offering strong support for gaming on mobile phones thanks to Game Pass and cloud gaming, as well as with the games they have acquired thanks to the purchase of Activision-King (‘Call of Duty Mobile’, ‘Devil Immortal’ or ‘Candy Crush’), it was a matter of time before one of its most iconic sagas took the leap.

And, although we have news, the truth is that we don’t know much more about this delivery for our phones. On the registration page, we can see that it will be a strategy game with “Real-time controls and historical heroes on large battlefields“. In addition, it refers to a rich visual section.

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There is no release date for ‘Age of Empires Mobile’ (although it is expected to be August 19 of this year), but there is a curious reward system. If we register, We can get gifts as more people join. They are the following:

  • If 100,000 people registerwe will have 150,000 units of wood, food, stone and gold.
  • If 500,000 people registerwe will have a boost when it comes to building, researching and training troops.
  • If a million people registerwe will have two legendary recruitment tokens and 1,000 in-game coins.
  • If two million people registerwe will have a unique frame in the profile.
  • If five million people registerwe will get Cleopatra VII as the heroine.
Age of Empires Mobile

It is, as we say, a curious system and a mechanics that are not surprising if we take into account the study behind the game. This is TiMi Studio, part of Tencent and responsible for games like ‘PUGB Mobile’, ‘Arena of Valor’ and ‘Tower of Fantasy’, among others.

If you are interested, you can register on Android through this link And through this other on iOS.