This AI never ceases to surprise and already creates much more realistic images: this is Stable Diffusion 3

this ai never ceases to surprise and already creates much.jpg
this ai never ceases to surprise and already creates much.jpg

AI Stable Diffusion 3

Artificial Intelligence does not stop evolving, in this case, it is the turn of Stability AI with Stable Diffusion 3. And all because they have announced an improved version of their AI to generate images from scratch. A new, more powerful model that offers users the possibility of creating much more realistic photos than before.

With the great advancement of image AI, it is more difficult than ever to know if a photo is real or not. Especially because there are already all kinds of Artificial Intelligences that achieve great results, as is the case of the recent version that has just been announced: Stable Diffusion 3. It is not yet available worldwide, but from today they open the door for users to sign up to test this AI to generate photos in advance.

A more real and precise AI than before

It is clear that AI is in fashion, not only for creating texts from scratch, but also those in which with a brief description they can generate images of all kinds. And this is precisely what Stable Diffusion 3 achieves, the new text-to-image model from Stability AI. At the moment it is not available to everyone, but they give you the option to sign up for their waiting list from their website.

And, as on other occasions, this is a preliminary phase with which they will be able to improve their AI model to generate photographs of all kinds. Hence they are now launching the list to sign up and be part of this trial version for users.

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So that we can get an idea, Stability AI has already published a series of very varied images. As is the case of the following photograph, which compiles different examples that have been created directly with its new Artificial Intelligence model:


It is true that not many technical details have been given about this new version with respect to Stable Diffusion 2, however, the evolution that has been carried out from one version to another is quite clear. Especially because you can already see what these photographs generated from scratch look like.

This new model seeks to make a greater leap in terms of the image quality that can be achieved and greater performance in the creation of images from simple texts and descriptions by users. In addition, it must be taken into account that it has a new architecture: «Stable Diffusion 3 combines a diffusion transformer architecture and flux adaptation. We will soon publish a detailed technical report«. In fact, Stability AI assures that it is a new type of architecture that is quite similar to the one used in the most recent version. OpenAI Sora.

So if you want to try this new AI first-hand you should sign up for their list and be lucky enough to be chosen. In addition to this, we have to wait for the creators to provide more technical details of what is undoubtedly a clear evolution of their previous model.