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A game to guess the year of the photo

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Guessing the year of a photograph just by looking at it requires a lot of talent. Objects, brands, cars, clothes… everything counts, so you need to have a fairly high general knowledge about history and trends to get as close as possible.

Chronophoto is a game created for people who have that talent. It is a website where we will see a photograph and we will have to drag a lower cursor to bring it closer to the exact date of the image.

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Available at chronophoto.app, it does not require registration, we just have to open the page and start playing.

In total we will have to date five photos between 1900 and 2022, making it possible to zoom in to focus on the details, looking for clues to find the desired year. The zoom, in most cases, is very out of focus, since you can’t ask for much from a 1960 photo, for example.

At the end of the five photos, we will see the added score of each attempt, with a maximum of 1000 points and the possibility of starting from scratch.

Without advertising, and without the origin of the photos displayed, it is a website that can quickly disappear when the owner of a photo sees it published there, but the idea is there, ready to be replicated as many times as necessary to the game never ends.

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tips to win

In general there are three things that you have to look at well:

– Technology: If an old device is visible in the photo, it can help determine the approximate date of the photo. Cars help a lot.

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– Fashion and style: The style of clothing, hairstyles and accessories can also be an indicator of the time when the photo was taken.

– Context: If there are identifiable items in the photo that have a known date, this can help you determine the date of the photo. Buildings, works, landscapes… everything counts.

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