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A device that will help you work with audio at a professional level

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Unless you have professional means, carrying out the recording, transmission and sound creation entails a series of technical complexities, although the campaign has arrived on Kickstarter to finance Squarock’s M1 Commanderan all-in-one portable audio device that removes the technical hurdles of working with audio equipment, so people can simply focus on their creative endeavors.

In this way, it save time checking cables and connectors, isolating external noise, and other technical complexities that can be given by integrating a sound mixer, a sound card, a voice changer and a sound effects board into the same device.

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Squarock points out that it is a professional level equipment to produce audio that people will be able to use for podcasting, live streaming, music creation, audio recording, as well as online gaming and other audio-related possibilities.

They further point out that this device has wide compatibility, being able to work with almost all “terminal devices, including desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and more.”

Regarding compatibility with operating systems, they list Windows and Mac OS for desktop computers, as well as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other systems for mobile devices.

They further point out that:

As long as it is connected to your PC or phone, it will serve as an audio input and output device. You can use it with almost all applications. It is free-drive, plug and play. We specifically designed it to free you from the tedious setup of traditional audio equipment, allowing you to focus on your audio production. It is ideal for use with popular software applications and network platforms like OBS, Audacity, Adobe Audition, and video platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Tiktok, Facebook Live, and Uplive.

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Currently, sponsors can purchase their units from the equivalent of 128 euros (the reward that enables its acquisition for the equivalent of 119 euros is completely sold out) plus shipping costs, with shipments to any part of the world, which will be made within this coming month of May.

The campaign has a few left seven more days of availability, having far exceeded the financing goalbecoming a prominent financing project within the Kickstarter selection in the technology section.

More Information/Image Credit: Campaign for Squarock Commander M1

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