When is the Treasury going to start returning the money from the income tax return?

when is the treasury going to start returning the money from the income tax return
when is the treasury going to start returning the money from the income tax return

Immersed in the middle of the income campaign, the most common question that many taxpayers ask is clear: when do they start making the first refunds? We tell you.

The 2023 Income campaign began on April 3. After the publication of the draft, and once all our data and the possible deductions that we could take advantage of were verified, the next step is to accept it after checking the result. If we have been lucky and the result has been returned to us, when can we have the relevant refund in our bank account?

Some taxpayers who submitted the declaration during the first hours have already seen how the status of their file has changed with the following message: “ Your declaration has been processed by the Tax Management bodies, estimating the refund requested by you, without prejudice. of the verifications that could be carried out later by the Tax Administration. Payment for your return will be made within 3 business days .”


A period of six months

Although we can already find testimonies on the Internet from users who have received the aforementioned notification about the processing of their refund, it is worth remembering that the Tax Agency has until December 31 to process refunds of the income tax return without the obligation to having to pay any type of interest. Therefore, and although the Tax Agency has already begun to manage requests, our file will not always be one of the first to be processed. It is likely that we will have to wait several weeks for the Tax Agency to verify that everything is correct and to issue the relevant order to make the transfer.

In the event that the refund is delayed beyond this period, the AEAT will have to pay the refund along with interest that is around 4%. The taxpayer does not have to make any claim regarding interest. Therefore, the agency itself will automatically add them to the relevant amount that must be transferred.

The different statuses of the return

Since 2008, taxpayers can check the status of the refund if we have previously identified ourselves. As the Tax Agency itself explains, to check the status of our refund we must access our file through the Draft/declaration processing service (Renta WEB), accessible from here . Once there, these are the states we can encounter and their corresponding meaning:

  • Your declaration is being processed: It is the first status that we will be able to find after having submitted the declaration. The only thing it tells us is that the entire procedure has been carried out correctly and is already in the hands of the Tax Agency. However, its management or processing has not proceeded.
  • Your statement is being checked : At this point, the technicians are carrying out the appropriate checks to ensure that everything is correct.
  • The declaration with the indicated amount has not been recorded or is in process. Check the amount: This message only appears if there has been a problem with our statement. If it appears, we will have to go back to the submitted declaration to find out what amount the AEAT considers correct.
  • Your declaration has been processed by the Tax Management bodies: The Tax Agency has recognized that everything is correct. It won’t take long to give the payment order. On many occasions, in fact, it is automatic and this message is barely visible for a few hours.
  • Your declaration has been processed by the Tax Management bodies, and the refund requested by you has been estimated in accordance with, without prejudice to any verifications that may subsequently be carried out by the Tax Administration. Your refund payment will be made in 3 business days : It is the last message with which the application will be updated. The transfer has already been made and the time it takes to reach our account will depend on our bank.
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