WhatsApp makes your conversations more interactive with this update

whatsapp makes your conversations more interactive with this update.jpg
whatsapp makes your conversations more interactive with this update.jpg

WhatsApp has just released a new update for its application. It includes several new features that aim to make your discussions more productive and interactive.

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To encourage its 2 billion users not to look elsewhere, WhatsApp is multiplying the new features and improvements to its application. Recently, for example, we learned that it will soon be possible to transfer your conversations to iPhone without having to go through iCloud. A significant time saver for iOS users.

On Android, we mentioned the future possibility of linking four different devices to your account. And this May 4, 2023, WhatsApp released a new update. Through the introduction of some new features, the developer wants to offer users new tools to make their discussions more interactive and productive.

whatsapp mad polls
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Polls get a makeover on WhatsApp

First, users will be able to create single-response surveys. In this way, respondents will only be able to choose one answer from the choices offered. To do this, it will suffice to uncheck the option “Allow multiple answers” when creating the survey.

Furthermore, the user who initiated the survey will receive a notification with each response of a participant. Additionally, it is also possible to see how many people voted in total in the poll details. Last improvement concerning polls, we can now find them via the search bar on the page reception, by typing either a keyword or by filtering the results with the tag “Polls”. Convenient to get your hands on an old survey for example.

whatsapp mad polls
Credits: WhatsApp

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Captions on photos/videos/documents

The other changes made by this update concern the captions, i.e. the small description present under the photos/videos that you share. From now on, you can add a caption to the photos/videos you are about to transfer. And if your photo already contains one, you are free to keep it, modify it or delete it before making the transfer.

Finally, note that it is also possible to add a caption to your documents. Useful if you want to provide some context by sharing a press article, a work file or a recently published study, for example. According to the application, the deployment of these new features has begun and they will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

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