Google tackles Microsoft 365 by integrating AI into the Workspace office suite

google tackles microsoft 365 by integrating ai into the workspace.jpg
google tackles microsoft 365 by integrating ai into the workspace.jpg

After completely revamping its Workspace office suite with its Material Design 3 design language, Google is bringing it a set of features based on Artificial Intelligence.

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Google is starting to test AI-based features in its Workspace suite. The emphasis being mainly on the writing assistance provided by AI, Gmail and Docs will benefit from it first.

On the company’s blog, we can read: “white pages can block the best of us, that’s why we integrate generative AI tools in Docs and Gmail to help you get started. Just enter a topic, and let Workspace help you go from an empty page to a first draft.”

Google Workspace now incorporates Artificial Intelligence that will assist you in all tasks

If your job involves attending many meetings, this new tool will be very useful to you. Indeed, it is now possible to create meeting minutes automatically in Gmail. The AI ​​can gather the notes entered in a sparse way and formalize them in a correctly written email.

Google is aware that the possibilities offered by its AI are so numerous that it is difficult to summarize them in a few sentences. So the engineers released a list of what their technology can do:

  • create draft, reply, summarize and prioritize emails in Gmail
  • find ideas, read and write documents in Docs
  • bring your ideas to life with AI-generated images, videos and audio in Slides
  • create reports and analyzes from raw data thanks to autocompletion, generation of formulas and contextual categorization in Sheets
  • generate new wallpapers and automatically write notes in Meet

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The end user will remain in control of the whole process. The AI ​​will therefore only make suggestions, which he can accept or not, and modify. Similarly, Google will offer tools for IT administrators so that they can establish the appropriate policies for their organization.

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