WhatsApp adds more privacy features, including a new assistant

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In an increasingly connected world, privacy has become a crucial aspect for users of instant messaging applications. WhatsApp is aware of this and, for this reason, they have announced new tools to offer the best coverage in this section. Over time, the Meta-owned company has been introducing new layers of protection to further strengthen user privacy. An example is end-to-end encryption -which is one of WhatsApp’s great advances since its inception in this section-. This technology ensures that your messages are as secure as possible, keeping them safe from prying eyes. WhatsApp Privacy Improvements In response to changing user needs, the firm has implemented new privacy features that give you even greater control over your communications. And, therefore, you can be much calmer when using the well-known messaging application. One of them is the ability to silence calls from strangers. This new tool allows you to automatically filter incoming calls from people who are not in your contact list and, consequently, avoid the dangers of spam or scams. Directly, the calls will not ring your device, providing you with better security and convenience. However, these are recorded in the call list, in case one turns out to be important and you want to review it later. Another of the great novelties in the application This is the so-called Quick Privacy Check. It is a function that is designed to help you easily understand and configure the privacy options available in WhatsApp. Selecting the Start review option in the app’s privacy settings will launch a wizard that will guide you through a process where you will check the different levels of protection available and allow you to choose the appropriate options for each situation. With this feature, you can customize the security of your messages, calls, and personal information. The importance of protecting private communication is vital in these times and, for this reason, it is excellent news that WhatsApp includes new security options for users so that they are aware that they are using a completely secure application (the implementation of This new function, as explained by Mark Zuckerberg, starts today and will be rolled out gradually in all regions where the Meta service is used). Starting this week, the company is running a global campaign to encourage the use of private messages among contacts. >

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