What’s next for WhatsApp will be to reinvent Android Beam to send files to people who are nearby

whats next for whatsapp will be to reinvent android beam.webp.webp.webp
whats next for whatsapp will be to reinvent android beam.webp.webp.webp
 People nearby is still somewhat green, so we have not been able to see it in operation despite forcing its appearance on our WhatsApp. However, it is quite clear that it will be a place for transfer files directly with other people in the areawithout having to first put them in a chat and in

The concept is exactly the same as in Quick Share (formerly Nearby Share), so it is quite possible that Quick Share technology will simply be integrated into WhatsApp. Thus, we can use WhatsApp to share a file with a group of people from the application, regardless of whether they are in the same chat or not.

WhatsApp indicates that File transfer is encrypted and your phone number is not revealed when using this function stop in

We can also see that there is a visibility section in which perhaps we can choose who we are going to be visible to, in a similar way to how Android’s Quick Share works. For now, it is limited to reminding us with what name we appear to other contacts and that our number will only be known to those who already have it saved.

For now this novelty is not yet active and does not seem to be ready either, so It is possible that it will arrive throughout the yearpossibly first to beta users, as usual.

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