What is the eSIM: the card that retires the SIM that you know and will end up carrying in your mobile


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eSIMs are the future of mobile phones, and many people can now use this technology completely free of charge, which provides more convenience.

Conventional SIM cards remain the main method of connecting to mobile networks in Spain. However, it is a technology that may have its days numbered, since eSIMs may end up replacing them completelyproviding a greater number of advantages.

Beyond what this technology offers for making trips, its main advantage is that it avoids having to receive a physical element from the operator in order to start using the line that has been contracted. This would make other processes easier as well.

eSIM technology may possibly be present in the next mobile phone purchased and in the future it may be the standard method for connecting mobile phones to operator networks. Therefore, it is convenient to understand this technology, and what implications it has for leaving behind the physical SIM cards that have been used for so many years.

What is eSIM

Traditionally, to have mobile coverage, operators send users small SIM cards, which have undergone several changes in recent years, which are inserted into a dedicated tray to give a signal to the device, be it a smartphone, a telephone, a watch or even a tablet.

The eSIM, for its part, is a digital version of this type of connectivity, which works thanks to a chip found inside the mobile phone and which, instead of requiring a physical card, only requires the installation of a profile with the operator and rate data to operate. This means that the portability process, when moving from one operator to another, can be much faster, since it will be enough to tell the operator the ICCID code of the mobile to associate it with the new line that you want to use.

Physical SIM card

Logically, the process may still take a while, since there are steps to portability that must be followed rigorously, but at least you won’t have to wait for a card to be sent by mail. An ideal situation to use it may be when traveling, since it is possible to contract an eSIM to use it in a foreign country. In fact, on many mobile phones It is possible to use several eSIMs at the same time.

Another of its great advantages is that it helps avoid contamination, since it prevents plastic from being used to create SIM cards, in addition to saving on shipping and transportation costs. It also prevents wear and tear on the pins on the card tray, which can deteriorate over time.

How to use an eSIM

Although it is somewhat different from the habit of removing the old card and inserting the new one into the device tray, the eSIM can be much more convenient. The first thing to keep in mind, however, is that The mobile must be compatible with this technology and have a chip for it.

The operator to be hired must also have this type of service, since it is not something that everyone offers. Most of the main operators in Spain, such as Vodafone, Movistar or Orange, They have options to use eSIM. It is possible to use it with a prepaid or contract rate, and the replacement and activation to go from a normal SIM to one of this type is free on some operators.

To be able to use it, it is only necessary to request registration or portability from the operator in question. After this, a document will be sent with a QR code that will take the mobile to the web address where You can download your profile when it has been confirmed that it is activated in the company system. Once the profile has been downloaded, you need to go to the Settings application. There, you have to open Internet and networks and within the SIM section, you have to click on Insert a SIM card, which will begin the configuration process.

On some mobile phones, you can even scan the QR code from this same section. At the end, you will have to put the PIN code that the operator has sent next to the QR. Something that must be taken into account is that in order to carry out the initial configuration process of the eSIM, It is necessary to have a WiFi connectionone of its few disadvantages compared to a conventional SIM card.

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