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Google launches Nearby Share in Spain and makes it easier to send files from mobile to PC

Brian Adam

At CES 2023, Google launched Nearby Share for the Windows operating system, allowing people to easily transfer files between Android ...

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This is the best way to send large files on WhatsApp

Brian Adam

Sending very large files on WhatsApp is something that often causes problems for many users, since they encounter limitations that ...

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Yes, you can use your music files on Spotify and so you can get it

Brian Adam

There are several music streaming applications that to your surprise do not have your favorite songs (because they are very ...

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Stop OneDrive from backing up your files in Windows 11

Brian Adam

One of the things that can be done by combining OneDrive with a Windows 11 computer is to make backup ...

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How to delete files in Windows 11 without going to the recycle bin

Brian Adam

The Windows 11 recycle bin is a very useful option, since it prevents important information from being lost on many ...

For the iPhone 15?  Apple files new reverse charging patent

For the iPhone 15? Apple files new reverse charging patent


Apple requested the registration of another reverse charging patent last week. The documentation was published earlier and shows that the ...

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Finding Malicious Code: How to Safely Inspect PDF and Office Files

Brian Adam

Office and PDF documents can be dangerous and contain executable code. With analysis tools, you can discover whether such code ...


LightPDF, all the tools you need to work with PDF files

Brian Adam

Surely on many occasions you have needed to transform a file to PDF, be it a text or an image, ...

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Price gouging: California files antitrust lawsuit against Amazon

Brian Adam

Amazon uses its market power to drive end customer prices up. The State of California has filed a lawsuit against ...


The Android Airdrop is updated: that’s how easy it will be to share files with Nearby Share

Brian Adam

Google has announced a series of new features that will come to our mobiles in the coming months in the ...

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