We tested the OPPO A98: the mobile phone with a fun microscope camera and a fantastic battery

we tested the oppo a98 the mobile phone with a.jpg
we tested the oppo a98 the mobile phone with a.jpg

Making a mobile phone stand out  is increasingly difficult for manufacturers due to the good level of the market in Spain , especially in the price segment around 400 euros. These are not high-end, but they are a step above the cheapest mid-range.

It is a very balanced mobile with a price of 399 euros , in which what shines the most is its battery and the fast charging that accompanies it. It doesn’t have the best camera or screen in its segment, but that doesn’t mean they do a bad job, far from it.

Design and screen

The aesthetic section of the OPPO A98 5G does not differ much from that of other models of the brand such as the Reno 10 . Its rear part stands out for having a vertical format module that includes its 3 cameras. One of them in an independent circle, the other two are together with the LED flash.

It also has a strip that surrounds the module and has a brighter feel and appearance than the rest of the cover. It gives an interesting contrast and one that, personally, I liked. It feels quite good in the hand, although it can be slippery if carried without a case. The polycarbonate on the back does not retain a single fingerprint, so nothing gets dirty except for the camera strip . Its edges are flat, and the fingerprint reader is integrated into one of them.

Its screen is LCD, and has a diagonal of 6.72 inches. The panel technology is not the best to make it stand out, and the truth is that the greater contrast of the AMOLED panels is missing. Its maximum brightness is 550 nits, and in this sense a little more intensity is also missing, although it looks good enough under sunlight.

Its resolution is Full HD+, correct. The refresh rate is 120 Hz , and it is one of the best sections of this panel, since it makes it possible to enjoy great fluidity when using it for day-to-day tasks. When it comes to watching multimedia content, the experience is correct, without great fanfare.

Power and battery

In terms of power, it should be mentioned that it has a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 processor. It allows you to go one step beyond the basic use of browsing the internet and visiting social networks,  but without going overboard. It performs well in games, although it will not be able to handle the maximum graphic quality of the most demanding titles.

In terms of performance, the mobile has some notable options dedicated to making it last longer. One of them is the possibility of activating virtual RAM  to improve multitasking performance or its fluidity protection . This is what the company has called the  optimization of the software and hardware that they have done in the device to ensure its good maintenance over time.

In the autonomy section, the device stands out for the better. Its 5000 mAh means that it can last the entire day on battery without any problem. By using the energy saving mode and other options you can even reach two days of use. It has a 67W fast charge  that charges its battery extremely quickly, in just over 40 minutes, and the best thing is that the charger is included in the box.

Fun microscope camera

The photographic section of this OPPO A98 5G is made up of a 64 Mpx main sensor and two 2 Mpx secondary sensors, one to take microscopic images and another that works as a depth sensor to improve portraits . The results with the main camera are acceptable when there is a good amount of light. The foreground usually looks sharp and the contrast level is good, although there are times when the color treatment is not consistent, as sometimes there is too much saturation and other times it seems that the colors are a little off.

At night the camera loses quality, although night mode can improve the images on some occasions. Of course, the phone must be completely still. When you activate the microscope camera mode, the flash is automatically turned on to provide enough lighting for this camera to operate, since the sensor is dim. The result is that the microscopic images will always be seen with sufficient light.

This sensor is capable of taking the most interesting images, since it gets very close. These are limited by their 2 Mpx resolution, but they can offer a very different perspective on everyday objects.

I buy it?

This smartphone does not stand out much, but at the same time, the company has made it a round device, which also does not have any glaring negative points . It is one of those phones that fulfills its purpose, performs well and has a good battery, but without standing out beyond this last section.

When watching movies or videos on your mobile, the panel is correct, but if this is the main use that the mobile is going to be given, it may not be the most appropriate. Of course, it has a 120 Hz refresh rate ideal for playing online games with compatible titles.

Its microscope camera is quite curious and allows you to play with everyday objects, but it is not something that is used every day. The rest of its photographic section is good enough, although its performance is not equally good in all situations.

The battery is the section of the mobile that shines the most thanks to its large capacity of 5,000 mAh , which makes it last all day. An important point about this is that it is compatible with 67W fast charging and the charger is included in the box, avoiding having to make an extra outlay for it.

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