How do you know if your phone is tapped?

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Do you suspect that your phone may have been tapped? Unfortunately, you don’t have to be a millionaire or a top executive for there to be someone who is trying to spy on you. And if you are considering this, it is because there may be details that make you suspicious, such as noises being heard while you are talking or that you have noticed that your battery is draining quickly. Keep reading and we’ll explain what you need to know.

Although in many cases it is likely that you are not being spied on and that your device has not been tapped, at a certain point it is difficult to choose one side or the other. Once you start to doubt It doesn’t take long for you to see signs everywhere, and in some cases, your instincts may not be failing you. Therefore, the best thing you can do is, to improve your health, pay attention to a series of factors that will help clear up your doubts.

First signs

Before sharing with you more complicated methods that will help you check if your cell phone is tapped or not, it is best that you think about whether you identify with some of the factors that we share with you below. This is the first thing you will notice and it is possible that they are things that you have already detected.

The battery drains quickly

This is one of the clearest signs that there is something happening that you are not aware of. Spy apps work in the background and take care of send reports of your activity to the person who tapped your device. Due to this, the battery is consumed at a faster rate than usual, since that app in the background will be doing almost constant work. Relatedly, it is common for the mobile phone’s temperature to also be higher than average. After all, you have a program working tirelessly and ensuring that your phone is in direct contact with the person who is doing the spying.

If you have doubts about the possible intervention of your device, it would not be a bad idea to not use your cell phone for practically anything for a day. Or use it only with those apps that you know consume little battery. Then check if it’s sold out fast or not, since this way you will be able to see if there is a hidden app that is spending it without you realizing it.

noises in calls

You may have seen it in movies, but it is something that is not limited to fiction. One of the easiest ways to know if your cell phone has been tapped is to pay attention to possible noise or interference that can be heard in the background while you are talking on the phone. In addition to the noises, you should also not rule out hearing some type of cross-call that has been generated due to the situation in which the mobile phone is located. You might think that it is a coincidence or an isolated phenomenon, but if it happens several times you should start to worry.

Check notifications

For those who spy, the notification systems that some of the most used apps have are a serious headache. Therefore, one of the first things that spies do is proceed to disable notifications. Perhaps you have not realized or it is a factor to which you are not giving relevance. You could imagine that you yourself turned off notifications at some point and now you’re too lazy to check what you have to do to turn them back on. Spies are interested in you not receiving notifications, since, if your cell phone has been cloned, for example, it will be easier for them to keep their activity hidden in the shadows.

The solution to this type of situation is as simple as restore notifications from your applications and do a good check of your mobile. Focus, above all, on notifications from apps like Telegram or WhatsApp, since they are the main target of those who try to spy on other people.

strange behavior

If there is someone messing with your device behind your back, another possibility that may occur is that your cell phone starts to work incorrectly and may suffer some problems that you have never encountered before. There are people who talk about how they discovered that they were being spied on because their cell phones turned off suddenly without prior notice or because there were applications that opened without having touched their icons. This type of suspicious activity may be related to the intervention of your mobile phone, so if it happens to you, do not take it as if nothing was happening. Take note of this in case it combines with other signs we are talking about.

In a related way, another aspect that we recommend you check is if applications that you have not downloaded have appeared on your mobile. In general, those apps that are designed for espionage are hidden and it is unlikely that you will find them browsing the menus of your terminal, but do not rule out that the person spying on you have wanted to install something else and keep it in sight. After all, spies also make mistakes, especially if they are people who do not have much control over the tools they are using. To clear up any doubts and do a more in-depth examination, check the list of installed applications not from the menus, but from the root of your device. This way you will be able to see everything more clearly and detect if there is something that doesn’t add up.

Get rid of doubts with these advanced methods

If you have come to the conclusion that it is very possible that your mobile phone is being spied on, we will tell you that there are several steps you can take to confirm it in a more definitive way. To begin, check your IMEI number, which is used as a natural identifier of your mobile. What you need to do is compare the original number on the box of your terminal with the number you receive when dialing *#06#. This is a considerable number, but if you compare them, you will have to look at whether they are both equal or not. If they are the same, there is nothing to worry about. But if, instead, two or three zeros have been added to the box number, it will mean that you are being spied on.

The three zeros are the worst thing that can happen to you, because it implies that your calls, messages and other forms of communication on the device are spied on. Then, they will even see your photos. If only two zeros have appeared, it will be because the spy has only tapped and intercepted your calls.

Another way to find out is by checking if call forwarding has been configured. Maybe they are doing it without you knowing, so you have to remedy it. The way to do this is by dialing *#62#, which will tell you if there is another number to which calls are redirected. If you can’t find it with this command, enter manually in smartphone options and look for the call forwarding option. Spies who are using this method will have left traces of the number they are using as support.

Of course, they are not the only methods that can be used. You could also dial *#21# to see the status of your connection and have a more complete picture of the activity that your mobile is doing. And there are tools or apps you could use to try to get rid of spying. In any case, try to test the advice we have given you with patience and calmness, so that your nerves do not cloud your judgment and you can see the situation in a more appropriate way. Maybe it’s all imaginations and no one is spying on you. That would be ideal!

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