Apple Maps is a failure: even iPhone users prefer Google Maps and Waze

apple maps is a failure even iphone users prefer google maps and waze
apple maps is a failure even iphone users prefer google maps and waze

Apple is trying to make some of its own tools, such as Apple Maps, succeed. But the company continues to encounter a wall that is impossible to break down: Google. In particular, Google Maps is confirmed as the most used map app and, it must be said, Waze is placed in second position. The situation for the apple company’s application is not the best possible.

iPhone users love Apple apps. After all, it makes sense. If they are investing in a company device, the logic is to use their own native applications . However, there are exceptions. And the map application is one of the most popular. Because no matter how hard you try, Google Maps is still the queen.

The results of a study

A recent study carried out by the firm MarketWatch in the United States, which is one of the markets where the iPhone is most successful, reveals that 70% of respondents use Google Maps as their favorite mapping application . That adds up to both users who own Android terminals and those who have an iPhone, which is still painful for the company run by Tim Cook.

They turn to Google Maps for its efficiency and features, as well as the support it provides for avoiding speed cameras and other controls. In this case, although the study requested the opinion of users globally, it has specialized more in the way in which applications help drivers avoid problems such as the aforementioned speed cameras. Perhaps, it would be a good support point that Apple could take into account to implement changes in the future.

70% is devastating

It cannot be seen in any other way: that Google Maps accumulates 70% of the responses of the participants in the study is not good for Apple. The worst of all is that, as we mentioned, the second position is occupied by Waze and not Apple Maps. If we take into account that Waze reaches a usage rate of 27%, we can understand that the volume added by the iPhone tool is very small. This remains at only 24%, a proportion that is minimal compared to what Google Maps achieves and what Waze is already obtaining, even though it is not exactly the oldest app in the sector.

Also, and this is also something that hurts: we must remember that Waze is owned by Google, so the victory over Apple is double on a very personal level. However, in general we should not be surprised, since Apple Maps has always been behind in everything since the application was released. Already at that first moment, it accumulated criticism and generated negative comments that prevented it from competing face to face with the Google service.

In any case, it was thought that the results of the study would be a little more favorable for Apple. The reason for this is that the iPhone is one of the most popular devices in the United States and even accounts for 50% of unit shipments within the country. According to recent data, 13% of new iPhone users have had an Android terminal before. Maybe that’s why they still prefer to continue using Google Maps.

You can’t judge anyone, since, as we mentioned, Apple’s maps application is far behind in operation, features and ease of use. The iPhone company has a long way to go if it aims to close the gap with its great rival. And it is obvious that this category of apps is one of the most interesting in which they could try, since everyone uses, at one time or another, map apps. In the study, for example, it was revealed that 34% of drivers have received a warning from their app about a radar, meaning that they could potentially have avoided fines or major problems.


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