This Google Maps shortcut saves me time getting home and shows me the speed cameras along the way

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this google maps shortcut saves me time getting home and.webp.webp.webp

With a small shortcut I obtain direct information related to the journey to my home or work: Google Maps provides me with all that information only with a touch on the screen. It even warns me about speed cameras or traffic that has formed at the moment: it is super useful.

Given its history, and due to the enormous number of versions that it accumulates behind its code, Android and its apps hide a large number of small adjustments and shortcuts that can solve your life. Well, maybe not that much, but they do help a lot; such as the option to create shortcuts to the two most important places on Google Maps: our home and work. Do you have them configured too? Well, I went one step further and added the shortcut directly to my desktop.

One touch and Google Maps tells me if there is traffic to my house and how long it will take

Google Maps Shortcuts

If you let Google notify you in the background, Android will learn from your habits to offer you information about your usual routes. That is, if you leave home every morning to go to work, you will begin to see in your notifications area if road traffic has formed and How long will it take you to drive there?. But of course, maybe you need the information at another time and your cell phone doesn’t offer it to you.

Google Maps will have suggested that you complete two very important fields in the application: the place where you live and the place where you frequently go to work. In the event that you trust your privacy to the company and complete both fields, Maps and the Google app itself will take that information into account to make your usual journeys easier. And there is a way to know that information with one click and whenever you want: with a simple shortcut.

If you also filled out your home and work locations in Google Maps, you will see that a kind of hidden menu appears if you follow these steps:

  • Look for the shortcut to Google Maps on your Android.
  • Press and hold on the icon until you jump to the hidden menu. They are shortcuts or “Shortcuts.”
  • You will see that Maps suggests the icon for going home and going to work: clicking on either of them directly opens the route calculation from the location you are in.

This Google Maps shortcut is really useful as you don’t have to open the app, type in your usual address and wait for the calculations to be done – Maps does it all with a simple tap. And not only does it offer you the route on the map with the fastest itinerary, you will also see the time it will take if you leave at the moment, the traffic there is, what the parking around is like and even the speed cameras present on the route.

Google Maps shortcuts are really practical, at least if you decided to share your home and work locations with Google. And there is a way to get the information to those two key points even more quickly: pinning the shortcut to your Android desktop.

  • As in the previous step, press and hold on the Google Maps icon until the hidden menu is displayed.
  • Press and hold again, this time on the home or work icon.
  • Drag the icon to the desktop and that’s it.
Google Maps Shortcuts

The route shows the speed cameras present along the route

With that small shortcut you will have all the steps, traffic information, speed cameras and estimated time to any of the two favorites: either home or work. You can even dock both to your desk – it’s a much faster and easier way to guide driving to your key places.

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