This is the best app to decide what to watch on Netflix, HBO, Prime Video or Disney+ without wasting a lot of time

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To avoid wasting a lot of time deciding which movie or series to watch in each installed application, it is best to use an app like Stremio.

Movies have been part of entertainment history around the world for more than a century, but it has never been possible to access so many of them. And the series have only reinforced the amount of audiovisual stories we can access. The obligation to watch “what was on TV” has long been left behind, although This has come with a new requirement: deciding what looks.

(This is Kernel, the Spanish app that revolutionizes the way to recommend what series and movies to watch)

Although the prices of the platforms continue to rise, it is a rare home in Spain in which there are not at least two or three services registered. Netflix is ​​the best known, but the most used is Prime Video. Others, such as Filmin, HBO or Disney+ are also common. AND Choosing from tens of thousands of titles is difficult.

Applications like Stremio come to help this, integrating the titles of most services into a single platform, even allowing those titles to be opened without having to open the application in question. Of course, it is not perfect.

The idea of ​​Stremio is to function as a metasearch engine, a place where you can locate a title in question, read the synopsis, see what platform it is on and, if we have it contracted, start playing directly. All without having to go application by application performing searches, something that is especially uncomfortable on televisions as they do not have a physical keyboard or touch screen.

The application uses a familiar interface, with the sections on the left side, and with the titles of the series or movies, as well as the data, on the right side. Navigating is simply a matter of moving the control pad in the four directions, without further ado.


The file for each series or movie shows, in addition to the title, duration, a short synopsis and IMBD scorewhich helps a lot before opting for something that is not known, to avoid wasting time with low quality movies and series. There are also titles that can be seen in the cinema, which provides a differential value with other applications. At least it does if we like movies.

App customization is huge, with the possibility of setting the waiting time before the next chapter of a series, the duration of the search time, the language… There is even a section, called Explore, that allows you to see recommendations, when you are not sure what you want see, or what to look for. You can also mark certain titles as viewed, as well as add them to the library to have the content that will be viewed later in the same section. Of course, the installation of this type of


One of the differences of this application with others is that it works with Complements, Addons, which are small mini programs that are integrated into the application and serve to expand the catalog of services to search. This can be activated or expanded from the section with that name in the side menu.

The only drawback is that These plugins must be installed in the mobile or computer application, since Android TV does not allow it. Of course, when it is installed in another app, in which the same user account has been connected, it is synchronized on the television.


Stremio is a free application without ads, which can be used not only on Android TV, but also on computers, mobile phones, etc. It is especially useful for those who have a lot of active subscriptions and don’t want to waste a lot of time looking for where to watch something.

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