Before you put up your Christmas lights, keep this in mind

Christmas lights

When December approaches, we begin to plan when we are going to put up the Christmas tree or the festive decorations that adorn our house indoors and outdoors, if we have them. We have many options to choose from and there are many low-consumption lights that will hardly give you any problems, but before putting up the Christmas lights you should take into account a fundamental accessory that cannot be missing in your home and will make it easier for you.

There are cheap colored, white or all types of LED lights. They are placed on the tree or wherever you want. On the terrace, on the stairs or in any room of the house for Christmas decoration once December arrives. But the most classic ones simply connect to a socket and turn on or off without any further possibility. That is why it is interesting that you keep in mind that a smart plug is what you need this Christmas.

Why use one

A smart plug is similar in appearance to a conventional plug but what it allows us to do is total control of it through the mobile phone. This, applied to Christmas lights, allows us to configure them as we wish throughout the party.

What can we do with a smart plug in Christmas lights? The first and main thing is that it will allow us Schedule when they turn on and when they turn off. You won’t have the lights on all day and the plug will only work for a few hours, making it really useful and not worrying about them.

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smart plugs

Another of the main concerns we have with this type of thing is that we leave them on when we leave the house and they can cause a problem. A minor problem such as high consumption on the electricity bill but more serious ones such as fires. Having a smart plug allows us to turn them off remotely without any problem and without having to return home to turn them off because you have left them on when you go to someone’s house for dinner or lunch or to spend the day. Simply turn off the plug from the app.

Those are mainly the advantages that we will achieve. We can turn them off remotely or turn them on remotely from the mobile phone. If you don’t want to get up to turn them on or if you want them to turn off when you have gone to sleep or when you have left home. But also we can set timers that only allow them to run a couple of hours a day or even have them turn off automatically after X minutes.

They will improve consumption, improve safety and improve our comfort with total control of a device that costs less than 15 euros. Plus, when the holidays are over, there are many other uses you can give to a smart plug in your home.

What plug to buy

Choosing one or the other does not matter because there are many plugs on the market whose operation is exactly the same. The application we use to control it varies but the functions are exactly the same. Some of the best-known brands are Tapo, TP-Link or Amazon’s own branded plug. They are all quite affordable and generally cost between 10 and 15 euros if we are looking for a single device, but we can find Tapo packs in which we can get up to four plugs for less than 40 euros in total, which It will save you money for a very practical device at home. and it will help you a lot in your day to day life.

Choosing one or the other will depend on which application you like best or if you already have other devices from the same brand that you can link to in the interface itself, for example. But make sure it is a reliable option and read reviews before choosing the one you are going to use at home.

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