This AI allows you to clone your voice and earn money with it

this ai allows you to clone your voice and earn.png
this ai allows you to clone your voice and earn.png

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Artificial Intelligence allows us to explore different areas with which we can earn extra money using it. This tool offers us the possibility of earning extra money by cloning our voice. We tell you all the details.

Until the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, and the entire ecosystem of tools that revolve around it, only voiceover professionals could make money by folding ads or transmitting messages using your voice. However, in recent months different apps have burst onto the market that allow us to do the same, even if we are not professionals in this field.

This is ElevenLabs, accessible from this link, an application that rose to fame a few months ago due to its wide celebrity voice library with which it had under its belt and which, now, has added the function of cloning our voice to, subsequently, lend it to record all types of advertisements or any other action in exchange for a financial reward.

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Record your voice

The first thing we have to do to start using this tool is to record our voice so we can create our professional clone. We will have to repeat the same text and different expressions several times until the Artificial Intelligence is able to replicate our voice perfectly. Once the recording process is complete, the voice will be cloned and included in the ElevenLabs library.

From that moment on, any company or other user who is searching a voice to record any type of content: a reel on Instagram, a podcast or an ad for YouTube, among many other formats, you can make the relevant payment and record the audio clip in which you are interested.

One of the positive aspects that this tool offers With the rest of the options that exist on the market to give our voice, it is not necessary for us to be professionals to find clients. Based on the interests and the different attributes that we have configured, our voice will appear in the search results. Although, yes, in order to carry out voice cloning we must be subscribed to some of the different plans that it has.

Set your conditions

All those users who have lent their voice for it to be shared through the library will receive an amount for each time it is used. To do this, each user can set your own rate, defining what you want the profit to be for each use that is made perform the cloned voice. The application itself also has a series of predetermined rates that depend on how long we commit to voice sharing on our platform.

In addition to this, and with the aim of resolving the main concern on the part of users, it is also important to know that each person will be able to decide which are the content categories in which the use of their voice is allowed. Thus, if we do not want our voice be available for content that has to do with, for example, game promotions on-linewe can specify it so that our profile is not visible in this library.