This is how I added one more layer of security to my Samsung Galaxy: how to hide the password and unlock pattern completely

this is how i added one more layer of security.webp.webp.webp
this is how i added one more layer of security.webp.webp.webp

Protection through biometric data (our fingerprints or with facial recognition) have become the standard when using mobile. However, Android requires a second alternative protection measure, which is the user’s choice: it can be using a PIN, an unlock pattern or a password.

Our biometric data is unique, so using it as an unlocking method offers great security. Using a pattern or PIN does not have as high a level of security, especially since you run the risk of someone seeing how you enter it on the screen to unlock the mobile. Fortunately, there are things we can do to avoid this and add more security to our Samsung Galaxy devices.

How to hide the unlock pattern to prevent someone else from seeing it

I’m going to be honest, maybe you have been using a pattern as a type of lock on your phones for many years, but It is not a highly recommended security measure. Even One UI, the system or personalized layer of the Samsung Galaxy, mentions that the pattern has a “medium” level of protection, while a PIN has a “medium-high” protection level and a password has a “high” level. since they have more characters and are more complex.

But If you use a pattern, you can prevent someone else from seeing it and memorize it when you unlock your phone, especially if it is a simple pattern (something that is not recommended either, that “Z”-shaped pattern is not secure).

On Samsung Galaxy phones you can hide the pattern by following the following steps:

Samsung Security 11

  • Go to settings menu
  • Access the section Lock screen
  • Then select the option Secure lock settings
  • We enter the Pattern to continue
  • Finally, disable the option “Make the pattern visible

In doing so, the route will no longer appear that we do when entering the pattern on the lock screen, therefore, it will be very difficult to recognize the pattern that you use to unlock the mobile, especially if it is a more complex one with a longer distance.

How to hide password characters on a Samsung Galaxy

If you use a PIN or password, it is advisable to keep all characters hidden when you are entering your key or password. Normally, by default, Samsung Galaxy phones They usually show the last letter, number, or symbol you type in a password, as a way to verify that you have typed it correctly. However, this can be a risk under very attentive eyes.

Samsung Security 2

In the same way that you can hide the unlock pattern, we can also hide that last letter or symbol that we write, following these steps:

  • Go to the device settings menu
  • Access the section Security and privacy
  • Next, we access “More security settings
  • Finally, we uncheck the option “Make passwords visible

This way, none of the letters, numbers or symbols you type in a password will appear on the screen, not even when you enter the unlock PIN. The only thing that will appear is an asterisk, adding an additional measure of protection to the mobile.

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