The simple WhatsApp action to create your own personal stickers without having to leave the app

the simple whatsapp action to create your own personal stickers without having to leave the app
the simple whatsapp action to create your own personal stickers without having to leave the app

Thanks to this WhatsApp option you can create your own stickers without using another application, although there is still room for improvement.

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in Spain according to Statista data, and the truth is that the company has earned that position hard. Beyond some times when the app does not work , it is one of the best alternatives on the market in terms of communication , and it is not only used to send messages, but it has a large number of alternative functions, such as video calls or the channels

Like other instant messaging applications, WhatsApp has the option to send stickers in conversations . These are a type of emojis, but larger in size and offer the possibility of including graphic elements in greater detail  than in this type of messages.

Previously, adding new stickers to the Meta messaging app required using an external app . However, it is now possible to add new elements directly from the application, including an automatic cropping option that will make the job much easier and the process as simple as possible.

How stickers work

Stickers differ from emojis in that they take up more space on the screen and this means that they cannot be included as part of a text message, but by clicking on their icon it will be sent directly . To access this type of message, simply click on the emoticons button and once there, select this section in the navigation bar that appears.

Within this section there are different categories, in which the stickers are divided by the pack to which they belong, in addition to there being a favorites folder that can be added to those sent to us by other people, which allows us to increase the library of elements to a large degree.

To save your own or someone else’s sticker as a favorite, you just have to click on it and click the Add to favorites button. This will keep it saved in the account and can continue to be used even if you change your mobile phone.

It is possible to preview them before sending them to see in more detail what appears in them. You just have to hold down each one you want to see. If it is your own sticker, doing so will also give you the option to edit it, which will open a new screen where you can draw on it or even add text to it.

How to add new stickers

To add a new sticker, the first thing you need to have is an image, whether it is a photograph taken by the camera or a meme downloaded from the internet , the important thing is that it is accessible from the gallery. It is important to keep in mind that if the image has text it must be large enough so that it can be read when thumbnailed. If not, it may be a better option to even send it as an attachment.

From the section where you can access all the stickers, the first thing you will see is an icon with the word “Create”. After clicking on this, an editor will open from which it is possible to obtain a preview of what the final result will look like. It is possible to either keep the entire image or opt for a smart crop that will only leave the important parts.

It must be taken into account that this cutout may leave out the words that accompany some funny images , so it is important to attend to both previews to choose which one we want, which remains as the final result to be able to send it to our contacts.

In this editor you can also add other elements to combine with the image we have chosen. It is possible to add emojis, other stickers and even some elements such as arrows, text or even draw freehand on it, so it offers quite a few creative possibilities.


Although it is a very interesting option and must be part of the application to be able to take advantage of all its functions, it is true that it is limited in a certain way . First of all, the native function does not allow you to create several different packs, but rather places all creations in the same section.

Beyond this, WhatsApp includes the possibility of using animated stickers in the application, something that can be done by converting a GIF to this format. However, it is not possible to do this from the WhatsApp editor, so you have no choice but to use an external application.

There are great alternatives on Google Play that will allow you to create several differentiated sticker packs, with different names and cover photos, so that they can be better organized. One of them is Sticker Maker, which is completely free on Google Play and, in addition to offering automatic cropping, also allows you to do it manually, so that each person can choose what they want to show with this element.

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