YouTube is renewed on Android TV with a new design: this is what changes

youtube is renewed on android tv with a new design.webp.webp.webp
youtube is renewed on android tv with a new design.webp.webp.webp

Google engineers have just realized that covering part of a playing video is not the optimal solution for displaying information panels on top. So, YouTube launches a new design on Android TV which makes it easier for us to read comments, description and details of a video, while we continue watching it.

The change makes so much sense that it seems incredible that we didn’t have it before: the video we are watching It is resized so that no part of it is covered with side panel information and comments side.

The new YouTube design on Android TV

It often happens that you are watching a video on YouTube on TV and you want to read the description or the entire name of the video, which appears cut off in the listings. That’s when it comes into action the information side panel. The full name and description of the video, its statistics, the link to the profile and the comments are shown here.

The problem with this side panel is that until now it covered a third of the screen, which is not very optimal if we want to continue watching the video at the same time. This is how the new YouTube design on Android TV was born, which resizes the image so that you don’t miss anything while reading comments or diving into the information of a video.

Before and after

The side panel covering part of the video in the current design (left) and the new one with resizing (right). Google Image

This small change will allow you to continue watching a video without missing anything while reading the comments or additional information. The video is resized smoothly, with an animation, and the smaller preview includes soft edges, which makes the result pleasing.

According to YouTube, the idea was to reduce the size of the player and simplify user interactions, although this new change opens YouTube to more lucrative concepts for Google: enables new experiences such as “buy products from your favorite creators” or “see live results for sports fans,” Google says.

This new design will be deployed on YouTube for Smart TV In the next weeksso until then you will always have to pause the video, open the comments, close the comments and resume the video, if you don’t want to miss anything.

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