Android TV adds a row of shortcuts to your home screen for when you don’t know what to watch on TV

android tv adds a row of shortcuts to your home.webp.webp.webp
android tv adds a row of shortcuts to your home.webp.webp.webp

It seemed that Google TV would replace Android TV, but finally both systems coexist while Google tries to modernize the Android TV interface. The latest attempt comes in the form of a row of shortcuts in the home tab, just below favorite apps.

Google must have realized that many users do not leave the home tab, for which it has included for now five new buttons to open movie and series discovery sections. Its deployment begins in the United States today and we will have to see if it extends to other countries or not.

More buttons on Android TV

In the coming weeks or months you may encounter a new row of buttons on the home screen just below your favorite apps and above the app content previews that populate the Android TV home tab.

Google has introduced these buttons as a better way to “find your favorite series and movies on Android TV”, although they still remain shortcuts for searches or filters that are already present in other tabs. The change is that you can now access them from the home tab.


From what we can see in the screenshot provided by Google the buttons will be Play next, free tv, best-selling movies, Popular movies and series and Google Trends. The buttons seem to act as filters, so by default we would have activated Play next and just below it a row of thumbnails of the content in this category.

Basically, it will serve to give us suggestions for what to see from the home screensomething that has been an obsession of Google since it launched Google TV and tried to impose the paradigm of displaying content regardless of the streaming application from which it comes.

Over time, Google has had to readjust its expectations and even launched app-only mode on Google TV, for those who prefer to keep the old way of opening the app first and choosing content from within. This last shortcut bar is a new attempt to encourage us to choose what to see from the home screen although much more discreet.

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