The Oura Ring smart ring can now be purchased in physical stores: it takes a big step in its expansion

the oura ring smart ring can now be purchased in physical stores it takes a big step in its expansion
the oura ring smart ring can now be purchased in physical stores it takes a big step in its expansion

This type of accessories is going to become a trend when the Samsung Ring is available in the summer of this year.

Oura smart rings are partly to blame for the fact that Samsung will soon launch its own accessory so that the user can measure their health through a very light and easy-to-carry object. Now the Oura Ring series will begin to be sold for the first time in physical stores .

In 2020, this company was able to attract the attention of thousands with the launch of its smart ring , which dazzled with its experience and how simple it can be to wear a lightweight accessory. Oura’s path has not been easy as it is a Finnish company founded in 2013 and introduced, via Kickstarter, the first generation of rings in 2016.


The availability of their rings has been mainly online , although now everything is going to change with the Target stores where it will be available for purchase. And although it has been available for a long time on Amazon, purchasing it becomes somewhat complex because users are recommended to try an accessory kit to find the right size for their finger.


Oura has announced that as of yesterday, April 22, the Oura Ring series are now available for purchase at Target ; an American department store chain. A series of selected stores are included that will allow the future buyer to use the aforementioned kit to try which ring fits them.


You can also access your purchase from the Target web store, so the points of sale to access Oura rings are expanded proportionally so that at some point the possibility of buying one will arrive in Spain, at least physically, now. that its online store is present  from 329 euros for the Heritage model or 399 euros for the Horizon.

It should be mentioned that this accessory requires a monthly subscription of 5.99 euros per month to access a more detailed sleep analysis every morning, personalized health recommendations, heart rate monitoring and skin temperature readings or predict your period in advance. An accessory that is not cheap at all, but that replaces part of the experiences of a smart bracelet or watch.

In fact, one of her best experiences is her great ability to anticipate the period that is perfect for the female audience. An announcement made by Oura through her blog according to 9to5Google , in order to continue establishing herself in a market in which she will soon have a major rival, Samsung and its Galaxy Ring.

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