Say goodbye to IPTV with this website: hundreds of free radio and television channels

say goodbye to iptv with this website hundreds of free radio and television channels
say goodbye to iptv with this website hundreds of free radio and television channels

Watching television over the Internet has become very common thanks to the high quality broadcasts of most channels.

Conventional television is losing more and more viewers . It is normal, the number of alternatives there is is greater, not only within streaming or other types of content, but with other hobbies, such as video games . Despite that, there are many who still follow certain programs or want to put it in the background when they do things.

For that, until not long ago it was necessary to have a receiver with its antenna , but for a few years now companies have been broadcasting their content over the Internet, on their own platforms. The problem is often changing from one to another, because each one has its website, its section and its addresses.


To solve this, you can use websites like Photocall TV , which organize hundreds of radio and television channels into different groups. The website simply redirects to the portals of each of the channels, but provides several accesses and allows you to search for a specific channel. It is a way to use IPTV legally to watch existing free content but much better organized.

More than 1,000 IPTV channels 

This page has a search engine in which you can locate more than 1,000 different proposals, from television channels to radio , which are also organized by categories: National, International, Radio and Others. In the latter there are adventure channels, sports, etc.

To enter one you simply have to click on the channel logo and select one of the options that appear. Once you press it again, you will be redirected to the live broadcast of that channel . It is possible that some do not work, but since there are several options it is rare that none of them do.

In addition, there is a section that provides information on the future programming of some channels, but it is very scarce , just a dozen among the hundreds of channels available. There are also instructions to be able to put full screen playback on your computer using a Chrome extension or Hide certain channels for adults.

Of course, this website is accessible from any mobile phone , directly from the browser, to be able to watch live television legally. The only thing that is needed is good coverage since there is no option to download any program or anything similar. A good proposal to have the TV in the background when you are cooking or cleaning the house and we do not have the television in our home nearby, or to watch it on the beach or in the countryside where there is no conventional antenna.


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