The Samsung Galaxy Ring will have specular accuracy in recognizing exercise

The Samsung Galaxy Ring will have specular accuracy in recognizing exercise
the samsung galaxy ring will have specular accuracy in recognizing

The wearables lines of samsung, where devices such as the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Fit are located, offer excellent behavior when it comes to monitoring physical activity. However, the South Korean company is developing another flashier product line that is said to offer even more accurate health tracking. It is an intelligent ring that everything indicates that it will be called galaxy ring.

Quite precise information has appeared indicating that Samsung has developed activity and health monitoring technologies for the aforementioned Galaxy Ring. It seems to have a sensor. PPG -the usual one that exists in most wearables- and another ECG (electrocardiogram) to track heart activity and health. It is even reported that the accuracy of the Galaxy Ring is even higher and more detailed than the existing Galaxy Watch.

The reasons for the improvement in the Samsung Galaxy Ring

The main one is that the sensors of the ring cover the finger from all angles, which allows a much more efficient work in all types of conditions. In addition, you would not have problems with sweat, something that does affect the pressure of some smart bracelets and watches. Therefore, we are talking about an ideal accessory to know the physical condition and the activity that one has on a day-to-day basis.


But not everything is positive, since, if this is confirmed, the Galaxy Ring could cannibalize the sales of the Galaxy Watchespecially for those who use it focused on recognizing physical activity (although, it is true that smart watches have many other functions that the ring cannot offer. In the case, this could be a reason for Samsung late in launching the new product we are talking about.

A development that takes time in the making

In February 2023, Samsung filed a application trademark for the name Galaxy Ring with the KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Information Search), meaning the company could release the smart device in the future. However, there is no specific timeline for the launch yet, as the company has not released anything official about it at the moment. Manzanaunlike folding screen phones, aims to be a rival in this segment of the market.

Since smart rings do not have screens and are little showy -for small-, these accessories may have a good future as accessories that can even reach the fashion sector, but, well, this will be seen once the Samsung Galaxy Ring is a reality in the market.


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