The Magic Erase tool from Google Photos available to everyone… with a surprise

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One of the tools that until now was exclusive to Pixel phones is Google Photos Magic Erase. This allows you to remove elements that exist in an image so that they disappear as if they were never there. And the truth is that this is achieved with a most surprising effectiveness. Well, the Mountain View company is going to release this function for everyone… but with conditions. And it is still somewhat surprising that this happens, since it was believed that in order to use this option in Google Photos it was necessary to have a Tensor processor developed by the North American firm (and that is only in its terminals). But, from what you can see, this was not the case, and it has been reported that in the application we are talking about, both for iOS and Android, Magic Erase can be used as long as certain requirements are met. And this is where the bad news comes in. Who will be able to use the feature in Google Photos? Of course, those who have a Pixel smartphone will be able to continue using the tool as to date, without noticing any change in this regard (apart from ceasing to be exclusive, which is always something that is important). And the rest? Well, things are much simpler than you might think: those who have a paid Google One account will be able to use Magic Erase with all its possibilities. If not, nothing at all. Come on, you have to go through the box and get one of the cloud storage options offered by the service that you must have contracted. The truth is that this way of proceeding is not new, and there are already some exclusive tools for those who have Google One, but not as far-reaching as Magic Erase. By the way, the possibility of using a new HDR effect in the recordings that are edited with the Mountain View company’s application is also added, as she herself has explained. This is only the beginning While being a company that offers a large number of free services, such as Gmail or YouTube, it does seem that the current trend in which additional or premium services are offered so that users pay a monthly fee , everything indicates that it will become the norm. Therefore, what Elon Musk has done with Twitter is nothing more than advancing what seems to be sought in technology companies with the aim of maximizing profitability. >

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