The design of the new Google Pixel 9 Pro comes to light: new camera module and flat edges, according to OnLeaks

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1706051435 840 560.jpeg

There are still months until we know the new generation of the Google Pixel, but a video render has been leaked that reveals what the next Google mobile will look like


It’s only been about three months since we met the Google Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Proand we already have the first details of what will be the design of the next generation of Google’s smartphone, the Pixel 9 Pro. He look of the next Pixel has been leaked by the well-known OnLeaksand it promises to be a radical and interesting change in the design that, until now, Google had used on its mobile phones.

2024 will be a year in which Google has big ambitions for artificial intelligence and more capabilities for your search engine. However, Google’s plans also include the development of better Pixels, and we can now take a first look at what will be the design of the mobile phones that the search giant will launch at some point this year.

The design of the Google Pixel 9 Pro revealed

Until now, Google has maintained the same design philosophy in the last generations of the Pixel, especially when it comes to the camera module. On the Pixel 8 Pro, for example, the three camera sensors are located in a linear module that protrudes from the back of the device, from one side to the other. This style for the camera module already had become a typical feature of the Pixel.

But The camera module is going to change in the Pixel 9 Pro, as revealed by OnLeaks through a video render and a series of images created based on leaked information from the development of these mobiles. The well-known “filter” has published what would be the design of the next generation of the Pixel, and the first thing that attracts attention is its camera module.

This time, the linear module that expands from one side to the other has been replaced by a kind of island shaped like an elongated oval in which the three camera sensors and the flash are located. For now there are no details about what’s new for the camera, but the recent leak also talks about the possibility of a camera with support for variable aperture, which would be a very interesting leap in photography.

Another interesting change in the design of the new Pixel is on its screen. He Pixel 9 Pro would arrive with a 6.5-inch screen, a little smaller than the 6.7-inch screen of the Pixel 8 Pro. The screen would be completely flat, maintaining the general lines in the design of the mobile, which would also arrive with flatter and smoother edges, instead of the rounded edges that Google has included in the Pixels until now.

Finally, the Pixel 9 Pro would change the location of the SIM card tray: in this generation it would be at the bottom of the mobile, next to the USB-C port.

In 2023 Google placed a lot of emphasis on the possibilities of artificial intelligence both for photography and for all types of tasks and tools in its services, with the arrival of Bard and the different versions of Gemini, an AI that can already be tested on Pixel phones . For the current year, Google will surely have more news in terms of AI both for the Pixel and for Android itselfwhich would debut in the new Pixel 9.

Google has not yet announced the presentation date of the Pixel 9 Pro, but the last two generations of the Pixel debuted in October 2022 and October 2023, so it is not risky to assume that in October we will meet the Pixel 9 and probably also a new one generation of the Pixel Watch.

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