The app to know how good the wine you are going to drink at Christmas dinner is

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If you don’t know what wine to buy or want to know if the one they gave you is good or not, this application will be able to identify it.

Spain is a country with a great variety of wines, and of great quality., with more than 70 designations of origin, and some of them are usually present each year among the best in the world, according to some portals. Although it is a widely consumed drink, there are times when it can be difficult to know what to get right.

However, the mobile phone can be an exceptional tool in this sense, since, just as there are apps to know if a ham is good, there are applications dedicated to wine that can help you decide, or Check how good the bottle that comes in the Christmas basket is.

At EL ESPAƑOL – El Androide Libre we have tested some of these applications, and we are going to tell you how the one that offers the best results works: Vivino. It is available on Google Play completely free – although it has a premium version – and It has a large community that makes there is a lot of information and opinions.

Photo to recognize the wine

It is an ideal app, both for those who are already fond of the world of wine and for those people who are just starting to become one. Without a doubt, one of its great characteristics is the possibility of recognize a huge variety of wines just by taking a photo of the label. This can be very useful, for example, before buying a bottle at the supermarket. Simply press the camera icon on the main screen and point at the front label.

This recognition will take us directly to the product sheet, where you can see relevant information about it. This section is usually very complete, and first of all includes a rating given by the rest of the platform’s users, so that you can see if it is above or below the average. The details offered about each wine include some such as the type of grape used or its classification within different rankings.


It shows information about the origin of the wine and its harvest year, as well as its flavor characteristics. Includes several categories such as acidity, bitterness or lightness of the wine, and black bars indicate whether it is closer to one extreme than the other. It is also possible to do other things with each token, such as adding to the wish list, to the personal cellar, adding a private note, place or even the price it cost.

If there is another notable point in the cards, in addition to the comments of other users – something very useful to read before buying a bottle – it is that similar recommendations are included for each wine accessed, and even ideal pairings to combine correctly. the flavor in each case. It is even possible to access a section in which they are taught the rest of the wines available from the same winery that has been searchedin case you want to inquire about his work.

Great social component

The opinion of other users can be very useful to inform us before making one decision or another, and This app can boast of having a large community of wine lovers who offer their opinion and recommendations to other users. Although Vivino is also capable of making some personalized recommendations, which are found in the “For you” section, and are based on the tastes that each person indicates.

It has a system that allows you to follow other users to be aware of their latest publications, in case there is someone whose opinion we particularly value. There is a shopping section from which you will be able to add any wine to the cart to order it at home, so you don’t even have to leave the application to stop being guided by one of its recommendations.

Search in Vivino

Just as the application can be used to know if a wine is good or bad, it is also possible use it as a personal catalog of the wines that have been tried over time, so that in the future it is enough to consult the application to know what our impressions have been about a wine that we have tried in the past.

Its search section is very well done, and allows you to search for wines based on their type, the type of grape with which they were created, by designation of origin and even based on their country of origin or pairing. This allows quick and easy access to the bottles that each person is most interested in, without wasting time on the rest.

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