Transfer applications to your new mobile with these simple steps

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Transfer apps to another mobile

When you buy a smartphone you are faced with the idea that it can be an arduous task to transfer all the content from the old mobile phone to the new one. However, thanks to the evolution of mobile technology, we can transfer all applications quickly and reliably, without it meaning a real headache. Without further ado, we leave you with a few simple steps to achieve it.

When you buy a new Android or iPhone device it means that you have to transfer all the applications that you had on the old one to the terminal that you have purchased. And this is when we usually put our hands on our heads and think about how laborious this type of situation can be. But quite the opposite. It’s easier than you think, since companies have integrated renewed systems that facilitate all the work of transferring applications.

How to transfer applications to another mobile

Fortunately, today There are many alternatives to transfer all your content and it is not necessary to do it manually as in the past since, in the case of Google, integrated support is offered to make backup copies and restore all applications without further complications.

However, these steps may vary depending on the manufacturer, so third-party applications can also be used to carry applications from one smartphone to another.

Google Backup

It is important that your Google account is synchronized with all its services to make transferring applications from one mobile phone to another much more comfortable. In this case, Android uses your Google account to make backup copies of all content that you have stored on your smartphone.

Transfer apps with Google One

To do this, the company uses the service of Google One to carry out. If you don’t have this app, you can download it from here. Before continuing, it is important to know that this configuration process must be performed the first time you start your new mobile. Otherwise, if you start the configuration of the new terminal without transferring the backup, it cannot be done at another time.

When you open the Google One app, three options will appear to check when making a backup: Device data, Multimedia messages, Photos and videos. Below you will have an option that says “Make a backup using mobile data.” On the home page, you must go to the icon of your mobile phone with the “Backup” option and you will see that in this section a backup of all your applications is made. When you’re ready, go to “Create backup now.”

Next, to restore the applications on the new device, you will only need follow the Android setup process and all data will automatically be transferred from one mobile to another. Simply choose your old device as a restore point and complete the steps.

Download apps from Play Store

In the event that you have started your new mobile without following the Android configuration process, there is the possibility of recover your applications by accessing the Play Store of Google. To do this, go to Play Store and click on your profile icon. Next, go to the Manage apps and device tab and select Manage. You must display the Not installed apps option to check the entire list of tools that you previously installed in your Google account.

From Android to iPhone

Finally, it should be noted that these two operating systems are like night and day, each with its own peculiarities and different systems that are often incompatible, so it is not possible to transfer applications between them In a direct way. To do this, it is necessary to look for applications that coexist on both platforms.

One of the most popular is the app Move to iOS, which you can find in this download link from the Play Store. As in previous steps, this configuration must be done the moment you turn on your iPhone, otherwise you will not be able to copy all the data from Android to iOS.

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