The 20 Android apps that I install as soon as I launch my mobile (and I launch many)

the 20 android apps that i install as soon as.webp.webp.webp
the 20 android apps that i install as soon as.webp.webp.webp
A very important part of my job is to do mobile phone analysis. Each cell phone that I have in my hands to do a review is treated as a personal cell phone, so I have my SIM, but I also configure it just like I have my personal Android cell phone. It is a process that takes a while, but that allows me to have the best possible assessment of the experience and the battery.

If you have just bought a mobile phone, or if you they just gave one awaylet me tell you what they are The applications I install on my Android phone when I start it for the first time. It’s a very personal recommendation, but you might find something you like.

No, I don’t use a backup

The first thing is that no, I don’t restore a backup when I launch a new mobile. It may be worse this way, but the truth is that I like having control and a zero experience on my device. If there’s one thing that interests me about my previous phone, it’s the photos and those are already in Google Photos, so I really don’t lose anything.

Also, my contacts and passwords are kept in the Google account, so I don’t restore a backup. I complete the initial configuration by entering my Google account, disabling all companies’ tracking and location options…and I go to the Play Store to download the applications.

Google keyboard

This list is in no particular order, but The first three applications that I am going to tell you are the ones that I always install as soon as I release a new mobile. If the terminal does not have the Google keyboard by default, I go to the Store to download the Google or Gboard keyboard.

Yes, I know that there are very good keyboards, but Google’s seems to be the best (not the most complete, mind you) because of its layout and size. I am very used to it and since it is vital both for configuring the phone and the apps and for everyday use, this keyboard is the first one I install.


The second is Telegram. It may be WhatsApp in your case, but in mine it is a very secondary program because I use Telegram as my multipurpose app.

It is both a personal order system and a mini cloud storage system, a reminder system, the way to transfer photos to my PC without losing quality and, obviously, my favorite messaging app. It is the second thing I usually install on a new mobile phone to see if anyone has told me anything.



The third thing is usually Edge. Yes, although I use Chrome (which is already pre-installed), I also use the Microsoft browser because I have many passwords there because it is the browser I use on the desktop, so it is great for me.

In addition, it allows me to get Microsoft Rewards, so at the moment I am using this browser a lot. The moment they remove this points program, I will probably go back to Chrome because I am also very comfortable in the Google browser.

Streaming music app

And something that cannot be missing from my phone is… music. I use Apple Music a lot, but I also like YouTube Music. I have a premium account on both systems and I will most likely play some background music while I finish installing the rest of the applications.

Here, you know, there are many streaming music apps, so in your case it could be Spotify, Tidal or others.

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Let’s go with the ones that I’m already downloading little by little, but in no particular order. Instagram is my social network par excellence. I don’t usually get too involved in posting stories, but I do consume them, talk with my friends and, above all, watch cat videos.

Right now I am also using Threads, but it still hasn’t clicked for me to be one of the first apps I download and, in fact, on the last two phones I’ve tried I’ve remembered to download it almost immediately. But Instagram cannot be missing.


And Notion is one of the most important. It is my agenda, my calendar, my work system and where I put my ideas to make content. Every day I use Notion in its desktop version to write and organize, but I also find it to be an essential app on mobile.

The reason is that I often come up with ideas when I’m not in front of the PC and Notion is the way I can write them down quickly. Furthermore,   widget i like and many times I start articles, directly, from a blank Notion page on mobile.

Google Docs

Now, Notion needs an Internet connection, so if you don’t have one… it won’t let you write. If I don’t have Google Docs pre-installed, I download it to make notes that later serve to shape articles or even to write entire articles when I’m on

It is also online, but it has an offline mode that automatically syncs you with your cloud account when it finds a connection.

Google Keep

Original 17

Although I can make lists in Notion, I prefer to keep this app as a work application. If I want to make shopping lists, order lists, or a daily To-Do, I use Google Keep.

It may not come installed on your mobile and I recommend you try it because it works great. Plus, their new widget works great.


And although Google Maps comes pre-installed, my favorite app for


Let’s go to one that you may not know about, but that is really useful for security purposes. Be that of Microsoft wave of Google (how clever to call it the same), Authenticator is a beast of 2FA app.

When I can protect my passwords with two factors, I do it through these applications because It is more secure than SMS or biometric methods.

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Original 18

I love photography, but I rarely like, for my personal use, the finish of photos from the camera app. Therefore, whenever my phone allows it and, I repeat, for photos for personal use, I shoot in RAW mode that I then edit in Snapseed.

It is an app that Google bought a few years ago and that has not been updated with significant new features for many years, but It is still a powerful application for retouching imagesit is very easy to use and the performance on mobile phones of any range is more than good.


Snapseed is a complete professional photo editor developed by Google.

Free download

Streaming video apps

With this it happens like with music apps, each one will install their own. In my case, I have Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, Dazn, Skyshowtime and HBO Max at least until one goes up in price again and is removed from my list.

There are many applications, but I also consume a lot of content from my mobile and the good thing is that the passwords are saved in my Google account, so I don’t have to remember the login because it is almost automatic.

And no, I don’t have a password manager because I like the default Google app.

Just Watch

With so many streaming apps, I need an app that tells me where to see what I want to see. Just Watch is perfect for this because, apart from allowing you to make lists of things to watch, it allows you to know at a glance which streaming platform that series or movie you want to watch is on.


At JustWatch you can easily browse through your favorite movies or series to see if they are available on any of your favorite providers.

Free download

Apart from showing you which platform it is on, it also tells you if it is available to rent, to buy or if it is in the content schedule that you can see through the basic subscription. And yes, with so many platforms, there are times when I crave movies that aren’t on… any.

Xbox Game Pass

Apart from watching many series on my mobile, I increasingly play titles in the cloud. Moon and GeForce Now I like them, but they are not apps that I install on every new device. Xbox Game Passon the contrary, is one of the first apps that I install on my new phones.

You need the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and allows you to play more than 100 games without limits and without installing anything. You simply choose the one you want to play and… enjoy. And yes, with Netflix I am also taking advantage its games section to enjoy the little gems that are arriving in the catalog, although these do have to be installed.

Xbox Game Pass

Get unlimited access to over 100 great games, including highly anticipated Xbox exclusive titles, for just a fraction each month.

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Free download

miDGT, My Citizen Folder and Cl@ve

Two applications that are not missing are those of miDGT and My Citizen Folder. The second allows me to carry out and consult various topics and the first seems essential to me so as not to always carry my identification with me. With miDGT you can check the points, for example, but the most important thing is that you have your driving license there.

AND Cl@ve I think it needs no introduction in Spain. It is an essential app to carry out a lot of administrative procedures and it is always good to have it configured on your new mobile.


I don’t usually take the train as much as before, but have the Renfe app on hand and configured (in the case of Spain, it may be different in your country) it’s always a good idea. This way I have both the loyalty program and my data and my Renfe card, as well as my tickets.

Before, it wasn’t one of those that I installed first, but I realized that if I don’t do it in the initial configuration of the phone, I forget it and, when I go to use it, I have to go around downloading it, entering passwords and so on. So, a few years ago I made the decision that it would be one of the ones I download first on my mobile.

Bank app

And with the bank more of the same. Since I use my cell phone for everything, I consider it essential to configure the bank app at the beginning. It is very important to control finances, but also to set up a payment method. Wallet also works for this and is also the first thing I configure.

Alexa and Google Home

Original 16

Last but not least, Alexa and Google Home. I have almost the entire house automated with Alexa and Google Home and these apps are always one of the first on my system. The reason is obvious, but its widgets are also very good and are essential for me on a daily basis.

A trick when you have to install the same apps continuously

These are the first 20 apps that I download when I get a new phone. You probably think that they are not very exotic appsbut I really use cell phones like anyone else and these are the ones I always download first because they are the ones I want to have on hand and configured from the beginning.

Then, ob

To do this, you simply have to go to the store and select your avatar at the top right. Click on ‘My applications and games’ and, within the new window, you must go to the ‘Manage’ tab. There, select ‘Not installed’ and mark the applications you want to install one by one, since that way they will be downloaded in batches and you will not have to browse the Store downloading them individually.

If it has been helpful to you or you have discovered an application, I’m glad. And if you are getting a new mobile phone, enjoy it.

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