4 new features that WhatsApp should have in 2024

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News and new functions for WhatsApp

The war between WhatsApp and Telegram Because it is the best instant messaging app, it is a non-stop. Although the Meta application came first and was stronger, the one created by Pável Dúrov is the one that tends to take the most risks with all kinds of features that his rival later copies.

Let’s take a critical look at the current state of WhatsApp and what would be needed in 2024 to improve the app that is already used by more than 35.8 million users in Spain. Something like the list of New Year’s resolutions, only we make it in the Meta app. All this after recognizing that WhatsApp changed a lot and for the better throughout the 12 months of 2023, with the integration of different functions and features that show that they have listened to the user. But we always want more.

Goodbye to the number as a unique identifier

Following the style of Telegram, where it has become a hallmark at the level of privacy, it seems that we will finally be able to chat with strangers without having to share our number of phone.

WhatsApp usernames

As specialized media such as WABetaInfo have reported, judging by the source code of the latest test versions of the application, different versions can be chosen. usernames and, in this way, not having to leave your phone number in the hands of strangers, making them able to find you with much less revealing and compromising information. This username will act as a unique identifier and will be associated with our account so that we can give our contacts the number if we want and to those who don’t, the user ID.

Chatbots on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is going to become, over time, an alternative to ChatGPT and that is something that was expected. If 2023 has been the year of Artificial Intelligence and this has manifested itself above all in the form of the OpenAI chatbot, why not make the application we use to talk to real people also do so with AI?

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This function is not only a prediction about how the Meta application will progress, but it has been being tested in the United States for a few months, so it is to be expected that sooner or later it will become official and expand to other territories. It sounds sad and intended for lonely people, but you will be able to talk to different chatbots with different personalities even if none of your contacts are online.

AI generated stickers

Another of the main applications of Artificial Intelligence is generation of all types of images (with results still questionable in realism). Perhaps for elements that require less photorealism, such as stickers, it can be useful to generate your own.

WhatsApp sticker packs

The sticker pack installation system may have become a bit outdated and may even be annoying when we only want to send one with a specific idea. So, just like with DALL-E or when browsing Edge with Bing, we could establish a description about the image we want and that generates a sticker about it. Maybe we become more original and stop hunting and capturing those that our contacts send us and then we reuse endlessly.

WhatsApp compatibility with other apps

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) requires Meta to open WhatsApp to other applications messaging. This change, taking into account that the European Union gave a maximum period of 6 months for its application, should arrive in March 2024 at most if there are no unforeseen events.

This obligation has been made taking into account the requirements for numbers of monthly active European users, which is why WhatsApp is considered a application gatekeeper (so are other Meta ones like Messenger or Instagram). Already in some betas of the last months of 2023 it was possible to observe how carrying out a little datamining A tab called Third-party chats appeared.

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