ChatGPT artificial intelligence comes to Amazfit watches with this free app

Amazfit watches are among the best sellers in Spain, and one of their applications allows you to use ChatGPT artificial intelligence.

Smart watches have long ceased to be something flashy and extravagant, and have become one of the most used mobile accessories, along with bracelets, which are simpler and cheaper. One of the The biggest differences are usually in the possibility of installing applications.

Watches like those from Apple or those that use Wear OS use complex operating systems that allow you to install applications with capacities similar to those of mobile phones, limited by the form factor of the devices and their computing capacity. Other models, such as those from Amazfit, focus on autonomy, far surpassing previous models in this.

But for a few months now it has been possible to install applications on this brand’s watches, and one of them allows us to use ChatGPT in a simple way, although not as quickly as it could be done. Of course, at least it is a free application that does not require registration.

ChatGPT on Amazfit watches

To install this application on a watch from this company, what you have to do is use the Zepp app, which is what controls the watch from the smartphone. Once opened, go to the profile option, in the lower right corner and there you enter the clock section. In the case of the example it is an Amazfit GTR 4.

In the AppStore option you have the option to browse between the applications available for these watches, which are not many, but it is true that there are more and more. One of them is called AI Chatand use ChatGPT to have an artificial intelligence assistant on your wrist.

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AI Chat

Using the app is as simple as open it on the watch and write on it what you want to consult. Of course, there are two limitations. The first is inherent to ChatGPT 3 itself, that is, it You cannot ask questions beyond their database, which is from 2021. If you are asked for a summary of the year 2023, you will not be able to do so.

The second is that the data entry interface is a strangely arranged keyboard, with two letters per key, which seeks to minimize the number of errors when tapping on the screen, but which greatly slows down use. It is true that as it is used it becomes faster, but A voice dictation option would have been appreciated.

ChatGPT on Amazfit

However, it is appreciated that Little by little, the watches of this brand are offering more advanced possibilities., such as using Alexa as a voice assistant or applications like this. Even a few months ago it was possible to pay with these devices, but the number of banks that allow it is still very small.