SkyShowtime premieres on Digi, but will it become a reality in Spain?

skyshowtime premieres on digi, but will it become a reality in spain
skyshowtime premieres on digi, but will it become a reality in spain

Digi in Spain still does not have service, although it is one of the objectives that the cheap operator has already set to continue growing in our country. However, in his place of origin he has surprised everyone with his latest alliance. And neither more nor less than its customers will begin to enjoy SkyShowtime , in addition to two other premium linear channels of this TV service.

That’s right, outside our borders, Digi not only has pay television, but also now an agreement with SkyShowtime . The well-known low-cost operator has announced this agreement today, and has also done so by announcing a special promotion for the launch of this streaming platform in its rate catalogue. In any case, what could this alliance imply? Will it also become a reality in Spain?

Digi TV takes over SkyShowtime

The streaming platform joins Digi so that the cheap operator’s customers can not only access its full service, but also the two premium linear channels: SkyShowtime 1 HD and SkyShowtime 2 HD . In fact, according to the statement, this is the platform’s first B2B partnership in Central and Eastern Europe.

And the most curious thing of all is that, to celebrate the premiere of SkyShowtime on Digi, the operator has included this service to all its digital TV customers in Romania at no additional charge for a limited time (until July 15). Once that period of time passes, the cheap operator’s clients will have to subscribe to the platform as part of the new offers that they will announce in the coming months.

In any case, users will have access to a wide catalog, such as the latest releases from Paramount and Universal , in addition to the platform’s original titles and other hits that have triumphed at the box office. And it must be taken into account that its television service in its country of origin already has more than 5 million subscribers.

When will it arrive in Spain?

In Spain, Movistar is the only operator where you can enjoy SkyShowtime content. But what would happen if Digi finally launched TV? As was already discussed at the time, the operator’s future involves launching pay TV , as confirmed by the company’s CEO in our country, Marius Varzaru. In fact, since September of last year it has been known that the operator is working to launch its pay television in the coming quarters. So it could be a reality in Spain in a while, even by 2024.

Although, it must be taken into account that the company’s strategy focused on acquiring MásOrange’s 60 MHz in order to set up its mobile network in our country and has been focused on other types of agreements. However, it should not be ruled out that they will still continue working to launch their pay television service and, on the other hand, that they may also reach a new agreement with this type of streaming platforms in order to have more content for their customers.


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