RTX 4060: the first benchmarks leak, it is up to 48% faster than the RTX 3060

official nvidia rtx 4060 20 faster than the rtx 3060.jpg
official nvidia rtx 4060 20 faster than the rtx 3060.jpg

While the first official benchmarks of the RTX 4060 will not be published before June 28, the VideoCardz site has managed to obtain the results of some testers in advance. These are very promising: the graphics card is up to 48% faster than its predecessor depending on the model.


Last week, Nvidia finally unveiled the RTX 4060, its newest affordable graphics card, to the world. The manufacturer is playing big on this model, since the previous one, the RTX 4060 Ti, did not really appeal to players. Also, the first benchmarks are now eagerly awaited by the latter, since they will make it possible to make a choice between the two versions.

With a release scheduled for this Thursday, June 29, the first tests will be published the day before. A period obviously far too long for the VideoCardz site, which managed to convince some testers to bequeath the results obtained to them. We are not going to turn around: this is very good news. Indeed, the RTX 4060 greatly surpasses its predecessor in all areas.

The first benchmarks of the RTX 4060 are very promising

First of all, it should be noted that there are currently two RTX 3060 models: a version 8 GB of VRAM and a release 12 GB of VRAM. So, on average, the RTX 4060 is 22.8% faster than the secondin accordance with what Nvidia announced during its presentation, but also and above all 47.9% faster than the first. Here is the detail of the performance gains for each 3D Mark benchmark:

  • Speedway: +16.6% / +58.4%
  • Royal Port : +17.2% / +30.7%
  • TimeSpy:
    • Performance : +30.3% / +55.3%
    • Extreme : +32.7% / 61.1%
  • FireStrike
    • Performance : 19.8% / 38.0%
    • Extreme: 23.4% / 41.8%
    • Ultra: 19.4% / 50.0%
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Note that the RTX 3060 8GB VRAM is here on the right in the comparisons. Suffice to say that if you currently own this model, it could not be more interesting to fall for the RTX 4060. As a reminder, this one costs “only” $299, its price in euros is not yet known. If you’re only going to play at 1080p, you probably won’t find a better deal.

Source : VideoCardz