Releases that arrive at Filmin in July 2023: all the series and movies

Releases that arrive at Filmin in July 2023: all the series and movies
releases that arrive at filmin in july 2023: all the

If there is one thing that stands out about the streaming video platform filming is that it offers content that is very different from the rest. Quality options are sought over commercial ones and, the truth is that they always exist premieres that draw attention to it. And this is no different in July 2023.

The Serie The architect that lands in Filmin on July 25 is one of the options that we want to highlight. It narrates the story, which happens in the city of Oslo, in which there is a challenge that is very difficult to achieve and the protagonist has to find the key to achieve it despite all the problems she will find for it. The goal is to find a way to build a thousand apartments in the aforementioned location… which is quite a challenge.

After extensive research and analysis, he comes to a startling conclusion: the underground city parking, clandestine home to numerous people, emerges as the most suitable setting for the construction of these thousand apartments. This finding awakens a series of moral and ethical questions that shake the foundations of the protagonist.

Among the films that reach the VOD service we are talking about, there is one that attracts a lot of attention: Bad City. In it, which opens on July 7, it shows the darkest corners of the city of Kaiko, a place marked by crime and corruption, an intriguing story unfolds that challenges the limits of justice and redemption.

In the center of this turbulent scenario, an unexpected protagonist emerges: a former police captain, imprisoned for a murder, whose secret release triggers a dangerous mission. His goal is to stop a criminal who threatens to take over the city mayor, becoming an even darker and more destructive power.

The rest of Filmin’s releases for July 2023

This is the list of everything that the video platform we are talking about has planned as new:


  • Brassic: season four premiere on July 4
  • Punishment: Season One Premieres July 11
  • Kids in Crime: Season One Premieres July 18


  • Blue Jean: premiere on July 7
  • France: premiere on July 7
  • Scarlet: premiere on July 14
  • Baby Assassins: premiere on July 14
  • Charlotte: Premiere July 14
  • The great youth: premiere on July 21
  • Il Boemo: premiere on July 28
  • Beautiful Beings: premieres on July 28


  • Jean Rouch: July 7
  • Rainer Werner Fassbinder: July 28
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