That you do not have Internet or the WiFi at home works badly is not always because of the router

that you do not have internet or the wifi at
that you do not have internet or the wifi at

internet problems

It’s not always to blame poor Wi-Fi connection or that the Internet router you have at home does not work directly. As much as you think that all the problems are related to this device, there are a number of other reasons that may be causing the network to not work as it should at all times.

Connection problems can occur to a greater or lesser extent, but that you are suffering from them every so often is not normal. Many first-time users think that the only culprit is the router. On the other hand, it is not always in the lead when it comes to being the main reason why the WiFi connection has stopped working or is slower.

One of the reasons that not everyone takes into account when trying to find a solution is interferences. But not just any, but it is the source of interference in the return channel. Therefore, the connection can be affected at any time and it will not always be the fault of the router.

the return channel

As much as the router always occupies the first place when it comes to finding connection failures. In other cases it will not be the real culprit. More than anything, because the main problem could be in the return channel. Basically, this allows communication between the receiver and the provider of a service, such as the Internet connection at home, the TV service that we have contracted or the mobile line that we have with an operator.

home fiber optic internet

In any case, here the error arises when given a source of interference on said channel. This can cause the frequency with which the router gets send the data to your operator’s network. And, therefore, connection problems may begin to arise, not only via WiFi, but also via cable.

There are several problems that can occur as a result of these interfering signals: occasional internet disconnections, that the bandwidth is less or that the connection to the network in your house fails completely. In any case, it has nothing to do with the device, but it is an interference that could have occurred for different reasons.

The main reason for this interference

The truth is that not only a single factor that can cause this type of interference in the return path is taken into account, but rather there are several causes. But, to try to be a little more precise, these may be the most common reasons:

  • outdated devices or those that have been badly repaired.
  • The Power cables or plugs are defective.
  • Devices such as consoles, drones, wireless headphones…
  • Chargers.

However, this is only a small brushstroke of what they say from GameStar. But, they are not unusual devices, quite the opposite. Most of this type of interference is caused by devices that are used daily. In this case, they also include the old telephone facilities, electricity… of households in Spain. If you want to find a solution, all you have to do is review the devices you use on a daily basis and the state of your home’s installation (wiring, ground connections, etc.). Although, systems that can reduce this type of interference can also be used.