Releases coming to Netflix in May 2023: all series and movies

Releases coming to Netflix in May 2023: all series and movies
releases coming to netflix in may 2023: all series and

The streaming video platform Netflixwhich is the one with the most users worldwide (although it is not going through its best moment), plans to release a large number of novelties between films and series in the month of May 2023. We show you the most interesting that you should not miss if you have an active account on the service.

The big surprise this month may be the series FUBAR. It hasn’t made much noise, but it offers a great capacity for entertainment, since we are talking about an action creation (it seems that this month of May is the big bet of the platforms) where one of the protagonists is the incombustible Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is a CIA agent nearing retirement who has to accept one last case where his family is affected. Good dose of humor and a great resemblance to the entertaining movie Risky Lies. It opens on May 25.

If what you are looking for is a movie on Netflix, and it is new, Mother it can be an excellent possibility. Here the singing voice is put by Jennifer López. And yes, we are talking about another creation where the action is more than present. The protagonist is a murderer who has to protect her daughter who is very threatened and she is adopted. Entertaining and unpretentious, you’re sure to have a great time starting May 12 if she decides to watch it.

Other releases on Netflix for May 2023

This is what I createdLet’s see what you should know among everything that the well-known platform premieres in the month that is about to start and that, as always, there is everything. If there is something that Netflix cannot be criticized for, it is that options are not lacking for those who have an active account on the platform. This is the list:

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  • The tailor: premiere on May 2
  • To the Sumo Apprentice: Premiere May 4
  • Queen Charlotte: A Story of the Bridgertons: premiere May 4
  • Dance Brothers: premiere on May 10
  • Ultraman: season three premiere on May 11
  • Mulligan: premiere on May 12
  • The Black Knight: Premiere May 12
  • Doctor Cha: premiere on May 17
  • Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune: Premiere May 18
  • Kisses, Kitty: premiere on May 18
  • The silence: premiere on May 19


  • Royalteen: Princess Margrethe: Premiere May 11
  • Always faithful: premiere on May 17
  • Kathal: The Mystery of the Jackfruit: Premiere May 19
  • Blood and gold: premiere on May 26