Releases coming to SkyShowtime in May 2023: all series and movies

If you are one of those who have an account on the SkyShowtime platform (and you took advantage of the excellent promotion of a 50% discount forever), we are going to tell you about the new options that you will find in the service catalog due to the arrival of the month of May 2023 so you don’t miss a thing.

Possibly what is most striking is the new series called A Town Called Malice. The story is quite suggestive for those who like action and intrigue, as it tells how a gang of criminals (called Lords) try to take flight once they have fallen into the lowest area of ​​the underworld. And, for this, they decide to go to the Costa del Sol (yes, what you read).

with setting in the 80’s, which surely more than one loves (and, beware, it is excellent), they discover that the problems he has are due to the fact that among the members of the band there are important problems that prevent them from moving forward. Will they be able to overcome them to improve their status? That is the idea of ​​this series that lands on May 12.

Another option that we think you should keep in mind is the second season of By H or by B (If you haven’t seen the first one, you’re already taking time to consume it). The protagonists, already established in a place to live and in their circle of relationships. Their dreams are intact, they must learn to handle themselves in the new situation without ever letting go of the friendship of the two friends on which this creation is based.

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The number of episodes that the new SkyShowtime installment has is eight and, as usual, they are one half an hour so that it can be consumed quite quickly (it’s one of those series that you see on a weekend when you don’t have much to do). The cast is maintained and new actors arrive, such as the often unfairly forgotten Guillermo Montesinos or Marta Aledo. A nice way to have a good time with the defense of friendship above all else from May 26.

The rest of the premieres on SkyShowtime for May 2023

  • Villenueve Pironi: Racing’s Untold Tragedy: premiere on May 19
  • Fatal Attraction: premiere of the new season on May 22
  • Juan Carlos: the fall of the king: premiere on May 22