Premieres that arrive at Movistar Plus+ in July 2023: all the series and movies

Brian Adam

The platform Movistar Plus+ already have scheduled premieres for the month of July 2023. We show you what is most interesting between movies and series (the first ones are much more numerous), so that you do not miss anything in the case of having access to the service we are talking about.

One of the options that you should not miss in Movistar Plus+ is that the film opens on the 21st The worst neighboor in the world, starring Tom Hanks. This gives life to Otto Anderson, a curmudgeonly and stubborn widower who will see his life completely transformed when a young and cheerful family moves in next door.


In an unexpected twist, the protagonist meets the smart Marisol. She is her, in addition to being pregnant, she possesses boundless energy and a determined spirit that will defy Otto’s emotional barriers. As the plot unfolds, these two such disparate characters they will forge an unlikely friendship that will have a profound impact on their lives. This is a remake of the Swedish film A Man Called Ove released in 2015.

There is no lack of an interesting premiere series on the platform. we want to stand out little faith, which can be seen from the 4th of July. Berta and José Ramón, who struggle to find calm in the midst of chaos, immerse us in a story full of emotions, hopes and passions.

He tumult that overwhelms them in their lives it’s not just a matter of physical sounds, but an amalgamation of influences and voices that penetrate every aspect of your life. First, we find José Ramón’s omnipresent in-laws, whose constant presence adds an incessant murmur of expectation and judgment to their lives. Berta’s sister, always the center of family attention, also contributes her own noise, eclipsing Berta’s value on more than one occasion. But the noise is not limited to family circles. The wall-to-wall neighbor, a despicable being who seems bent on disturbing his peace of mind.

The rest of the Movistar Plus+ premieres in July 2023

We leave you everything that the platform owned by Telefónica has programmed and that, as usual for a long time, focuses especially on offering a large number of movies premiere.


  • Vienna Blood: Season 3 premieres on July 12


  • 13 exorcisms: premiere on July 1
  • Honey, How I Hate You: Premiere July 2
  • The escape of Captain Volkonogov: premiere on July 4
  • Sick of Myself: July 4 premiere
  • The worst job of my life: premiere on July 4
  • Silent Night: premiere on July 7
  • Crack: premiere on July 8
  • Do not look into the eyes: premiere on July 9
  • Tori and Lokita: premiere on July 11
  • A la de tres: premiere on July 11
  • Simone, the woman of the century: premiere on July 12
  • Mari(two): premiere on July 14
  • Armageddon Time: premieres on July 15
  • Gringa: premiere on July 16
  • Indignant Annie: premiere July 18
  • The secret kingdom: premiere on July 18
  • The worst neighbor in the world: premiere on July 21
  • The protector (The Enforcer): premiere on July 22
  • An inheritance of death: premiere on July 23
  • Utama: premiere on July 25
  • Matria: premiere on July 25
  • Cliff Walkers: premiere on July 26
  • Puss in Boots: The Last Wish: Premiere July 28
  • Mrs. Harris’s Trip to Paris: Premiere July 29
  • Hidden Agent: premiere on July 30
  • Loli Tormenta: premiere on July 31