Pokémon GO: Light Festival Limited Research – All Tasks and Rewards

pokémon go light festival limited research – all tasks and rewards
pokémon go light festival limited research – all tasks and rewards

In keeping with the Light Festival, Pokémon GO is launching limited research for all trainers. We show you an overview of all tasks and their rewards. So you can see what is behind which quest.

What is it about? The big light festival in Pokémon GO with all its bonuses will be active in the next few days . You can use the bonuses, among other things, to earn more stardust.

But temporary research is also part of the event. Due to the time difference, some trainers have already been able to play through all the tasks and share with the community what rewards are hidden behind them.

Light Festival: Limited Research

Task Reward
Spin 30 PokéStops 1 Rauch
Catch 30 Electro Pokémon Encounter Hisui Voltobal
Catch 30 Fire-type Pokémon Encounter Hisui-Fukano
Explore 5 kilometers Encounter with Blipp
Use a smoke Encounter with Bubungus
Catch 15 different types of Pokémon Encounter with Magmar
Hatch 4 eggs Encounter with Dedenne


Tier Reward: If you complete all 7 tasks and get the corresponding rewards, you will also receive an encounter with Alola Raichu, 3,000 experience points and a T-shirt for your character in the style of the Light Festival.

ow long do you have time? Since this is a time-limited research, Niantic has specified a period of time in which you should have solved the tasks. You have time from November 7th at 10:00 a.m. to November 12th at 8:00 p.m. These are local times.

However, the tasks set are chosen to suit the light festival. It shouldn’t be a problem for active players to solve all tasks within the first few days.

What else is happening? There are some exciting events coming up for you in the next few days that are worth taking part in. Spotlight hours, raid hours and themed events are planned. Just like a Community Day in the classic version.

We’ll show you an overview of all events in November 2023 at Pokémon GO here.


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