Pokémon GO: Spotlight hour today with lamp and candy bonus

In Pokémon GO , the spotlight hour with Irrbis starts today, November 7th. You will also receive a bonus that gives you more candies. We’ll show you everything about the times, bonuses and shinys here in the guide.

What kind of event is this? Every Tuesday evening there is a so-called spotlight hour in Pokémon GO. For 60 minutes, the focus is on a Pokémon that Niantic sets at the beginning of the month. This is accompanied by a bonus that is also set. Every Tuesday, the combination of Pokémon and Stardust, Candy, or XP bonuses changes.

This Tuesday you will meet the Pokémon Lampi and can earn additional candies.

When does it start? As you already know from past spotlight hours, the event starts again today at 6:00 p.m. It is then active for one hour and ends again at 7:00 p.m.

Which bonuses are active? During the event you will encounter Lampi almost everywhere in the wilderness. If you want, you can open up additional encounters by activating a smoke.

You will also receive double the amount of candies for sending Pokémon.

The first spotlight hour of November 2023 begins today. Three more events of this kind are starting this month. You can see what these are in detail here:

Can you catch Shiny Lampi? Yes, the shiny version of Lampi is active in Pokémon GO and can be caught by you. However, keep in mind that the chances of getting shinys are not increased during spotlight hours. So you need a lot of luck.

Is today’s spotlight hour worth it? You can ignore Lampi as an attacker for your teams. His further development Lanturn is at least in the upper midfield in PvP in the Super League and almost makes it into the category of the best attackers. However, the Pokémon are not particularly valuable for raids.

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The hour may be worth it for you if you want to clean up your collection anyway and get more candies in return.