Pixel Fold, some pre-orders canceled within a day of availability

pixel fold, some pre orders canceled within a day of availability
pixel fold, some pre orders canceled within a day of availability


After an endless series of rumors, on May 10, Google presented its first foldable smartphone, the Pixel Fold during Google I/O 2023. It didn’t go well for us Italians, and to tell the truth for almost all European enthusiasts: availability in USA, Japan, UK and Germanyno information (then and not even now, after two months) on marketing in other countries.

For the four, Google immediately opened pre-orders. Many enthusiasts have chosen to trust Pixel Fold in the dark, given that it is Google’s first ever experience on the folding front and no one could or can guarantee that such a complex project is actually worth the much money requested (1,899 euros in Germany). . Those who pre-ordered it immediately after the event expected to receive it in these daysin late June and early July, yet some orders stumbled a sudden.

In a discussion on the Pixel Fold Reddit channel, we read of the misfortunes of some Americans who have had their orders canceled due to a problem with the payment. Google just before shipping the product (first deliveries expected tomorrow) debits the total order to the payment method, but something more than a few cases seems to have gone wrong, and reading the stories of the redditors not because of them. The first writes: “Tidy [Pixel Fold] on May 10th and early this morning the order was canceled because the payment could not be verified […] and now I have to wait another month for my Fold”.

The user had to place a second order thus getting back in the “line”. But another says that after having suffered the same problem and having contacted customer support they told him that it was not necessary to place a second order: “They told me they are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. No need to place any new orders, they hope to be able to say something in the next few days.”

The only certainty that emerges from the stories, however, is that confusion reigns supreme at present, among the customer service representatives it seems that the line to hold is not clear. To another user, after failure to charge due to problems with the payment method, it was suggested to place a new order instead. Placing a new order means preparing for a long wait, another: the 256 GB version in Porcelain color has delivery times that arrive in the first days of September, for the 512 GB version in Obsidian it even reaches the second half of the month ends in autumn.

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