Netflix raises the prices of all rates and announces that it will eliminate the basic plan in Spain next week

The streaming platform has been playing with different strategies for a year to leave nothing clear and eliminate one of the basic rates since forever.

Netflix has already given its results for the last quarter and has something to be happy with with 8.8 million new subscribers. This fact, plus the news that has arrived in recent weeks, has led us to now prepare the elimination of the basic plan without ads in Spain for next week. A moment of confusion to continue confusing the subscriber with a new strategy after everything that happened with the restrictions on shared accounts this year.

From what it was to pay 8 dollars a month years ago to the leap it has made today, so that today it is picked up in the United States that you will pay 22.99 dollars a month for the premium plan , there is an enormous distance to follow generating confusion and many users continue to think about continuing to contribute to the company’s general strategy throughout the planet.


That it is now eliminating the basic plan in Spain for next week is due to the fact that 30% of new subscribers access the platform with the cheap plan with ads. This point is the before and after for Netflix to attack again and eliminate a plan that has meant a lot to millions of people , both here in Spain and in the rest of the world.

Pay more with fewer plans

So your movement for the week will be, either you pay less but with ads ( and according to several analysts the number of them will increase over time ), or you switch to a monthly premium payment that scratches the user’s pocket. more than could have been thought years ago. That is to say, their experience has declined enormously from paying just enough to access high-quality content (which, by the way, is losing quality year after year even with its own productions or series that it abandons) and that of sharing the account was something linked to their subscription, to applying restrictions to these accounts and paying an almost exponential increase for ad-free streaming.