X (Twitter) not working: users have trouble viewing posts

x (twitter) not working users have trouble viewing posts
x (twitter) not working users have trouble viewing posts

Twitter is suffering serious operating problems, with errors such as messages that do not appear correctly.

These are bad times for X, the service formerly known as Twitter before being bought by billionaire Elon Musk. The platform’s economic problems are exposed as it has not been able to recover the advertisers it had before; That has led Musk to start charging for using Twitter , a measure that has been highly criticized by users.
Especially since Twitter is not doing well . Neither the app nor the website were the most stable when the company was in the hands of its co-founder, Jack Dorsey, but at least they worked better than now.

Now, users are encountering the worst problem so far: the app works, but it does not allow us to read the messages or publications of the users we follow. In other words, that makes it completely useless.
Twitter doesn’t work

This problem is appearing periodically in recent days, for no apparent reason. Simply, the app stops working correctly from one moment to the next, with symptoms that repeat each time. At the moment, neither

The most surprising thing that happens when this problem manifests itself is that the messages of the users we follow disappear completely. Only the user’s name and the associated user image are displayed , but the content of the message does not appear, neither the photos nor the texts.

A very curious detail is in the dates of the messages. When this problem appears, the publication date changes to January 1, 1970 , something that is obviously impossible considering that the platform was founded in 2006. However, in this case at least we have an explanation: in systems Unix operating systems and derivatives (such as Linux), dates are counted in the seconds that have passed since 00:00 on January 1, 1970. Therefore, a value of “0” in the date would be exactly what they are displaying Twitter messages, indicating that that value is not being retrieved correctly.
At the time of writing these words, the problems continue and the social network has not made any statement, so users cannot do anything other than wait patiently.

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