Two more Movistar Plus+ channels will soon be seen in HD

two more movistar plus+ channels will soon be seen in hd
two more movistar plus+ channels will soon be seen in hd

Movistar Plus+ customers will soon be able to celebrate the arrival of two more channels to the HD list of their channel lineup. And even more so when this payment platform is one of the few that still has channels in SD. In any case, what was promised is a debt, and the Spanish operator continues working to broadcast all the channels in high definition. A change that began to be carried out especially since the jump from DTT to HD.

The Movistar TV platform continues working on launching each of its channels in HD version, and forever putting aside the SD quality that has been so present in Spain. Without going any further, it was not until February of this year when Digital Terrestrial Television made the final leap to HD to leave standard quality. On this occasion, there are two channels that are added to its list of high definition tests .

Mezzo and Paramount Channel in testing

The change to HD is not being easy for Movistar Plus+, in fact, there are still several channels that continue to be seen through the platform in SD quality. For this reason, the operator’s TV continues to test the high definition versions of its current channels. And, in this case, it is the turn of Mezzo HD and Paramount Channel HD (also known as Paramount Network).

Both channels are available on pay TV, but keep in mind that Mezzo is not available for DTT. In any case, this dial will begin to have its HD version soon, a channel that is located on dial 123 of the Movistar Plus+ platform. On the other hand, it is a channel that is available on Digital Terrestrial Television, Paramount Network. This can be seen on dial 36 of the Spanish operator’s catalogue.

It must be taken into account that both channels are already in the testing phase and can be found in the Movistar+ virtual deco  . Although, as is usual when they are testing the dials in HD, they cannot be found in the physical decos of the television platform. And, as an added bonus, we must also talk about the Betevé HD channel, which is in the virtual deco, with the IP and images of Multi 6 F1, so this will not be its final IP.

However, this is something that has already happened on other occasions. At the time of inclusion in the virtual deco, it is most likely that its final phase in HD will land in the coming days . In addition, the Paramount Network HD channel has been in testing since February, although it was recently incorporated into the virtual deco. So it is important news for TV customers of the blue operator, since soon they will be able to enjoy two more channels in high definition.

Other changes in Movistar Plus

In addition to the HD channels being tested by Movistar Plus+, there are three other new features with the platform’s dial grid. One of them is on channel 33, which becomes a 24-hour channel with the change to HD and can now be enjoyed on dial 10. In addition to this, channel Sx3 is now definitely in high definition on the platform of the Spanish operator. Last but not least, the 164 dial with Esport 3 also adds to the HD

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