Microsoft will forcefully update your Windows 11, and AI is to blame

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from now on it will be easier than ever to.jpg

Laptop with Windows 11 operating system

Windows updates continue to be one of Microsoft’s main headaches. The company wants all users to use the latest versions of the operating system so that they can have the best possible experience and continue receiving updates instead of being left out of system support plans. However, there are many users who, because they do not want to, or due to ignorance, choose not to update their systems, using versions of Windows 10, or Windows 11, excessively old. But this is going to end.

In the past, Microsoft has been forcing users to update their operating systems. We remember in the era of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 how the company began to upgrade PCs to Windows 10 without permission. And the same thing will happen now when Windows 10 reaches the end of support, where we will see users forced to upgrade to Windows 11.

But the same will happen to users who already have this latest Microsoft operating system, but have not yet installed the latest version of it. And Artificial Intelligence will be to blame for this.

This is how Microsoft wants to force users to update Windows 11

Windows 11 has three big updates. On the one hand, we have 21H2, released shortly after the launch of the operating system. In 2022, Microsoft released 22H2 full of changes, improvements and new features of all kinds, and last year, at the end, we all received 23H2, which, for now, is the most recent version of the OS.

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Update Windows 11 operating system version 23H2

To prevent users from getting stuck on old and outdated versions, Microsoft has confirmed that are going to start using Machine Learning to forcefully install the latest version of the operating system on users who have not updated before.

Thanks to this new Machine Learning system, Microsoft will detect all users who have not yet installed 23H2 and will analyze their systems to find any problems. If everything is correct, and there is no reason not to update, Microsoft will force the installation of this version on the computer.

What if I don’t want to update?

Microsoft does not understand that forcing security updates on all users (something we agree on) is not the same as forcing users to change versions. We must keep in mind that each new version not only brings improvements for users, but also gives Microsoft more control over our data (without going any further, see Copilot of 23H2). And it is one of the reasons why users may not want to update.

Since it will be an AI that will be in charge of forcibly installing the updates on the PCs, and it will no longer be up to us to click download and install, things get complicated. And the only way not to update to a new version of Windows is going to be block updates.

What will happen to 24H2?

In addition to confirming that it will forcibly update computers, Microsoft has assured that it will continue to use Machine Learning to offer the most transparent and automatic experience possible. This means that, thanks to AI, Microsoft will be able to control operating system updates, so that we have less and less control over them.

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With the launch of the 24H2Microsoft surely already has Machine Learning on all computers that use Windows 11 23H2, and it will be the company itself that will be in charge, from then on, of updating users’ computers in waves, not giving the option to continue using old versions of the OS.