Microsoft slows down the deployment of Copilot in Windows 11: it will perfect it with the help of users to make it useful

microsoft slows down the deployment of copilot in windows 11 it will perfect it with the help of users to make it useful
microsoft slows down the deployment of copilot in windows 11 it will perfect it with the help of users to make it useful

For the first time, Microsoft takes a break with generative artificial intelligence after months and months with hardly any rest.


We have had the opportunity to test Copilot in Windows 11 , although in Spain its deployment had not even begun through any version for Windows Insiders. After the multi-million dollar investment in OpenAIMicrosoft is now putting the brakes on the deployment of Copilot in the latest version of its popular operating system.

Since OpenAI arrived with ChatGPT , Microsoft has been one of the technological giants that has been quickest to introduce the benefits of artificial intelligence through the conversion of Bing to Copilot or the development of the same in Windows 11 . The AI ​​opportunity by Microsoft has not been wasted, although now it wants to go at a different pace.


Just after sharing that Bing has surpassed 140 million daily active users, now is the time to slow down Microsoft Copilot in Windows 11. And it’s all because advances in generative artificial intelligence are causing all kinds of problems. opinions , both positive and negative.

And for users who have the option of using Microsoft Copilot in Windows 11, it is not being that innovative experience that they use every day either . It is precisely one of the reasons for Microsoft to stop the progress of Copilot in Windows as can be read in the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Build.

Microsoft clarifies that in recent months it has been trying different Copilot experiences in Windows (Preview) with Windows Insiders through the canary, dev and beta channels. Some of those experiences included the ability to offer Copilot on Windows to act like a regular application and an icon on the taskbar with an animation to indicate that Copilot can help copy text or images.


Microsoft’s decision ultimately rests on pausing the deployments of these experiences to perfect them based on user feedback. In fact, according to Windows Central , it maintains that Copilot on Windows will continue to work as expected while continuing to improve with new ideas coming from Windows Insiders.

It is surprising that for the first time Microsoft paused to look at the deployment of generative artificial intelligence from a different perspective when it seemed like it was going to literally ‘eat’ Windows. It will surely be for the better and so that it really improves the Windows user experience and is useful for everyday use.


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