This is how downloading applications on iPhone from outside the App Store works: you must accept a second notice

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this is how downloading applications on iphone from outside the.webp.webp.webp

The App Store will have the biggest and most important change since its birth– Starting with the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 17.4, it will be possible to download applications from alternative stores, and not only from the App Store. And the Cupertino company is already anticipating some important changes that the process of downloading applications on the iPhone will have.

The latest developer version of Apple’s mobile operating system includes a new warning when downloading an application, even from the App Store. This is a second notice that we must accept in order to download any app, an additional security measure that basically asks us: are you sure about this download?

Apple prepares for the changes that the App Store will undergo in March

Apple will allow the installation of external apps on the iPhone in Europe to comply with EU regulations Digital Markets Lawalso known as the DMA, in the territory of the European Union. However, the company led by Tim Cook also will implement some security measures to protect its users.

In general, developers must meet certain requirements to be able to offer their apps outside of the App Store. First of all, It will not be possible to install apps directly from web pages (as if it is possible on macOS), but only from alternative stores. And to open an alternative store on iOS it is necessary to have one million euros as a guarantee.

Apple will also conduct reviews of the apps available in these third-party stores, something they have called “Notarization”, to verify that they meet Apple’s security requirements. In addition, the company will also offer warnings to users before downloading an app from an alternative store.

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At Xataka Móvil we have installed the latest development version of the operating system, iOS 17.4 Beta 4and when trying to download an application we were taken by surprise by this second notice, which must be accepted in order to install the app on the mobile.

Iphone Apps Warning

When trying to download an app, a second confirmation prompt appears.

The notice, in short, notifies the user that the “App Store” wants to install an app on the device, and invites them to verify the app information before confirming its installation, offering access to a page that, we assume, will offer more information on the matter. The assumption is due to the fact that, currently in beta, clicking on the link takes us to the main page of the Apple website, and not to a support website with more information or something similar.

Of course, we must remember that we are dealing with a Beta version of the operating system; Once the final version is available, the notice should direct you to the correct web page.

The second notice also appears when the app has already been added to the user’s library, i.e. even if you have already downloaded the app before.

In this way, Apple is preparing for the inevitable change that the App Store and the way we download applications on the iPhone will undergo. A change that It will only take place in Europe, and will not reach other territoriessince according to the company installing apps from third-party stores could put the security of user data at risk.

The new iOS 17.4 is expected to arrive in the first days of March with many more new features, in addition to the opening of the app ecosystem in Europe.

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